As we eagerly wait for some pictures of the latest couple in Bollywood, creators join the whole Vicky-Kat wedding saga with their funny content.

Celebrity weddings always turn out to be the hottest news no matter which industry in the world they belong to. Just the thought of it can make people go bananas. While we know it’s wedding season and we have our own list of weddings to be at, the internet is going gaga on this celebrity wedding. We have a bunch of couples in Bollywood whose weddings we’d love to witness but rumours of the Vicky-Kat wedding dropped like a bomb.

All eyes are on Bollywood right after rumours of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif getting hinged started doing rounds. The two are still the newest ‘B-town couple’ so it wasn’t a surprise when the Vicky-Kat wedding soon became the new trending topic. The amount of secrecy regarding their wedding and the events before that have only added to the excitement of fans. And this has led to the internet being filled with people wanting and sharing updates on their weddings. We are given so much information that it has become too much even for their most ardent fans. With everyone talking about the B-town couple and their secret wedding, our digital celebrities also joined the bandwagon. They joined the saga in their own way and you’ve got to check it out!

Watch what they had to share!

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