While we love Money Heist and are eagerly waiting for its last season, here’s Sakshi Sindhwani recreating some charming looks from this series.

For most of us, TV shows are just about the story, the characters, and the title track. But there are some TV shows that we absolutely love irrespective of what they’re pulling off. When it comes to fashion, it’s mostly about our own style and being comfortable in our own skin. While we love TV shows like Money Heist, Squid Game, and Lucifer simply because of their characters and storyline it’s not their sense of style that stands out really! But Sakshi Sindhwani managed to recreate looks from Money Heist and we’re in love with what she’s wearing!

Watching our favorite TV shows and obsessing over our favorite characters is something most of us do, Sakshi created beautiful looks out of this TV series. She recreated Tokyo’s look and believe it or not she looked so adorable. Recreating looks from our favorite TV shows have been a thing for ages but a show like Money Heist is definitely something new and exciting on the block!

Here’s how Sakshi Sindhwani recreated the looks!

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