As you celebrate them finally getting married, check out these creators’ Alia-Ranbir videos that are hilariously entertaining.

To be honest, the only thing that we were waiting for more than a sneak peek of the actual wedding was the videos that our content creators would create to celebrate the wedding. Let’s be honest, if there is anything that we Indians are good at is to take offense and think of every wedding like it is our own family. We may have zero connection to our favorite stars apart from the movies we watch, but when they decide to have an intimate wedding there is nothing more hurtful to us than that.

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been one of Bollywood’s happening couples in recent times. Although they have never shared much about their relationship with the fans, the fans have celebrated every little moment that they could. And ever since the rumor of their wedding did around, that is the only thing they have been thinking about. If there is anyone who knows how to take advantage of something that people are talking about and make content on it is our beloved creators. And like every other time this time too they have been punctual to share their Alia-Ranbir content that is hilarious and to the point.

Take a look:

Super happy for the two though!

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