6 stunning makeup collaborations of Ankush Bahuguna that we keep going back to

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Ankush Bahuguna

From challenging makeup cliché to bringing exciting collaborations to our screens, Ankush is changing the makeup game one tutorial at a time. 

In India, where makeup stereotypes often dictate who can wear what, Ankush Bahuguna is like a breath of fresh air. He's not just your average makeup guru, but a trendsetter who is reshaping how we think about beauty. By challenging the traditional notion of beauty, Ankush is using his own approach to making makeup inclusive for all. When it comes to his tutorials, he has the talent to make everything look fun and easy. Whether you're a makeup newbie or a seasoned pro, his tutorials and tips make dabbling in makeup less intimidating. There is no doubt that his content is helping many to find confidence in makeup.

But it's not just about breaking down barriers; he's also bringing the most fascinating collaborations to our screens, especially through his show, “Wing it with Ankush”. Who could have imagined that doing someone's makeup could be this entertaining? From stunning eye looks to bold lip colors, watching his collaborations with different artists feels fresh and exciting. Let's take a closer look at some of such fun collaborations that Ankush has done in the past. 

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Here are some collaborations that we absolutely love!

When he tried a duo chrome eye makeup on Mansi Ugale and lit up our feeds!

Remember when Shushant Divgikr brought the concept of roasting 'Wing It with Ankush"? Their conversations always make us want to go back and watch this particular episode.

When Ankush tried fierce goth bold makeup on Shruti Haasan that she slayed. Not to miss out on their interaction that seems unforgettable.

Throwback to the time when Ankush and Prajakta added sparkle to the desi glam game with their glittery collab!

The best part of Ankush's Collab with Sheeba Chadha was not just the look but also her stories.

When Ankush Bahuguna and Kusha Kapila redefined elegance with a bold and timeless look!

Happy Birthday Ankush! May we continue to see such beautiful collaborations. 

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