YouTuber and actor Bhuvan Bam files a complaint against a betting app regarding a deepfake video

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Bhuvan Bam deepfake video

Bhuvan Bam, a well-known YouTuber and actor, has lodged an FIR against a betting app regarding a deepfake video.

In a time when there have been one too many cases of deepfake videos circulating online, Bhuvan Bam has recently fallen prey to one. The actor and content creator, who is known for his comedic sketches and for being a part of shows like Taaza Khabar and Takeshi’s Castle, holds enough credibility to influence people. The video in question sees a deep-faked version of him urging people to invest in the app that bets on tennis teams. According to his team, the said clip in the video has been taken from one of his interviews.

The creator and his team warned his followers about the misleading video urging them to be mindful of betting apps. Addressing his lack of involvement and the monetary losses that people may have to encounter due to the misleading video, Bhuvan filed a complaint with the Oshiwara police station.

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While addressing the issue and ensuring caution, Rohit Raj, Founder of BBKV Productions wrote on Instagram, "Warning: A misleading deepfake featuring Bhuvan Bam promoting a tennis betting app is circulating on Instagram and Facebook. This video is extracted from a 'The Lallan Top' interview and is designed to deceive. Please do not interact with it or promote it. Kindly inform your friends to avoid falling into this trap."

Early this year, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry released a statement urging social media influencers to refrain from using their platform to promote or advertise gambling and betting platforms. The statement also restricts them from doing any kind of surrogate advertisement of any offshore online platforms to the Indian audience. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is at the forefront of making an effort to tackle the growing issue of deepfakes through detection, prevention, reporting mechanisms, and public awareness campaigns.

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