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Consent during Holi

Digital creators Laakshi Pathak, Naved Qureshi, Neelakshi, and Bianca Arora discuss and share their thoughts about understanding the importance of consent during Holi.

One can never have enough exhilarating experiences in our country despite the chance to celebrate a festival every month. You go from having a mundane day to having a blast with your friends or meeting new ones during each of these festivals. Holi is one such festival that gets people either looking forward to it or detesting it to the core. Keeping all the fun, excitement, and madness aside, it is also the festival that causes people to ask questions about how it is celebrated.

In the wake of being surrounded by people pumped with excitement, knowing and setting boundaries often becomes an issue. Holi is a festival that revolves around the concept of applying colors to people. The same act becomes uncomfortable and harassing when done forcefully, especially when it's done with people we know or have met merely a few hours before. As adults, we are met with the realization of how it is also a festival that tends to take people’s personal space for granted. Everyone is in each other’s space and uses the classic ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’ to justify their behavior. It makes you wonder if blaming these behaviors on traditions should still be a thing.

Beauty influencer Laakshi Pathak puts it down perfectly. She highlights how consent shouldn’t just be a checkbox but a cornerstone of respect and inclusivity. “By seeking consent before we dive into the colorful festivities, we create a space where everyone feels heard and valued. It's about acknowledging each other's autonomy and preferences, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. When we prioritize consent, we not only spread joy but also strengthen the bonds of trust and camaraderie. Let's paint our Holi celebrations with the vibrant hues of consent and make it a canvas of shared happiness and respect.” 

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Naved Qureshi agrees with her and wants people to realize the importance of the same while embracing the fun and celebratory nature of the festival. He mentions how crucial it is for one to be cognizant of people who may feel uncomfortable with being colored or physically touched without their consent. He adds, “Respecting boundaries and asking for permission before applying colors on someone can ensure that everyone can enjoy the festivities safely and respectfully. It’s always important to promote a culture of consent and respect also during Holi to create a positive and inclusive environment for all participants.”

The idea of being touched without consent is one of the reasons Neelakshi dislikes playing Holi. She mentions how it is true for many women around her who have been either brushed or molested during childhood. She says, “Some people take advantage of the situation and they assume this is ok as it will just go unnoticed and under the cover, and all will be forgotten tomorrow. It is a good getaway plan for them during Holi. I am petrified to play Holi. We need the younger generation to understand the importance of saying no. There should be stern action taken against when a kid talks about it to someone. For adults- when some kid comes to accusing someone, it needs to be addressed sternly.”

Bianca Arora, a lifestyle content creator is also of the same opinion. She simplifies the whole concept by saying that asking for consent before one embarks on Holi adventures, shows one respects other’s boundaries and comfort levels. “It's about creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can fully embrace the spirit of the festival. By weaving consent into the fabric of our celebrations, we amplify the joy and warmth of Holi, making it a time of genuine connection and positivity. Let's sprinkle our Holi festivities with the glittering magic of consent and make memories that sparkle with respect and love.” 

While it is all fun and an exhilarating time to be enjoying with your friends and family, being mindful of people around you should not be exempted. Don’t let the adrenaline of an amazing time be ruined for you or the people around you by failing to understand consent during Holi. 

What are your thoughts on the same? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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