Meeting families to making memories, here's content creators and their dazzling Diwali bash

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Heads were turned! Content creators looked like the pathakas and mithais this Diwali and it's bringing out all the happiness and joy the season needs.

From outfits that look like a dream to decor that stands true to the whole 'festival of lights' phenomenon, content creator's Diwali celebrations are everything you need to check out. For many, it was about having the best time with their loved ones while for others it was about witnessing something exciting happen. Celebrity chef and content creator Ranveer Brar had a special celebration as he hit 3 million on Instagram and shared the joy of the same as the best Diwali gift. For Masoom Minawala it was a year of many firsts and she celebrated it with her family. Shivam Bhardwaj who had to bring in the festivities away from home, decided to drap his mother's saree to feel closer to home. It was not just Indian creators who were having a blast, Mayo Japan who is known to love and enjoy everything Indian danced her way through Diwali at a Diwali event in Japan.

Sushant Divgikar wished everyone well while recalling the year of "pushing boundaries, breaking barriers and achieving goals with dignity, integrity and Courage of conviction!" Rohit Zinjurke also didn't hold back from recalling the joy of the season and said, "Growing up, Diwali has always been a special time for me. It was a time when everyone around would come together, make sweets, light diyas, and share laughter and love. It's a time to reconnect with our roots, create new memories, and appreciate the little moments. Diwali may have evolved over the years, but its essence of spreading happiness remains unchanged." Tina Kakkad on the other hand surprised her Instagram followers with her little singing debut adding to the whole joy of the season.

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