Our content creators' version of the latest ‘Tauba Tauba’ dance trend slaps!

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‘Tauba Tauba’ dance trend

While Vicky Kaushal nailed the steps, content creators find humor in their failed attempts to get it right. Here are some hilarious takes on the ‘Tauba Tauba’ dance trend.

We often get tired of seeing the same content on social media, but as avid users of platforms like Instagram, it’s impossible to ignore some viral trends we encounter daily. Even when you put your phone down, you find yourself singing the songs or trying to attempt dance steps that you keep scrolling past online. The latest addition to our online obsession is the ‘Tauba Tauba’ dance trend from the movie Bad Newz. Internet’s favourite crush and heartthrob, Vicky Kaushal, has everyone in a literal chokehold with his sizzling performance in the song. Another viral choreography by Bosco, the video has been playing nonstop on our social media. We love Vicky in a black suit, killing it with his moves and while he made it look easy, content creators have accepted their failure to get the complicated footwork right. Like the creative minds that they are, these creators turned it into a piece of content that anyone who has tried the step can relate to. We don't think these videos would'v been better and more entertaining if they'd nailed the steps!

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Here are some of our favourites that had us rolling on the floor!

Prajakta Koli: It's giving maximum effort and we appreciate that

Kusha Kapila and Srishti: Someone said, "The key to success is to focus on the goals and not obstacles" and we don't think it applies here but we believe the goal to entertain here was achieved

Prithvi Pratap: If you can't get the step right, at least you can use it to your benefit. Or more specifically, your mother's benefit

Yuvraj Dua: This would be all of us if we ever manage to nail the choreography

Arun Singh: Vicky has been performing the steps for so long now that this feels like an apt representation of him today

Sarvesh: There are always ways to find humor in trends and Sarvesh does it effortlessly

Saurabh Gadge: We get the effort here since there is no other choreography that is so hot right now that it will leave people impressed

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Taubta Tauba Reel trend