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Akshat Mudgal shares creative, and innovative ways to build a social media presence with effective influence online

If you have an eye out for the increasing trends online, then you know that Instagram has seen rapid growth in freelance growth-centric entrepreneurs on social media. These are the ones who share their ideas on how one can use social media and reach a larger audience ultimately keeping up with the number game. Akshat Mudgal is one such digital content creator who specializes in business and finance. Mudgal helps people earn an income and build their profile online. His content is about helping one find answers to questions on, 'How to market clothing brands', 'Lead generation tips', 'How to build reach', and much more. In one of his recent videos, he shares a few tips and tricks on how one can take their Instagram Reels reach from '912 views to 9.1 Million views'. 

Mudgal lists down these points to help one strategize their posts for better engagement:

  1. Make a list of 10 creators and choose from them the reels that have the highest views. (I wouldn’t recommend reels that are older than 20 days.)
  2. Recreate the reels (do not copy the reel word by word, for example, change the hook and the audio)
  3. Use trending audio (50K+ uses for a wider reach.)
  4. Captions - Create a long caption that has value to your audience and that draws people in to read it. (Use short sentences, 4-8 hashtags, and include CTA.)
  5. Don’t overhaul the entire system - Take note of what’s proven successful for fellow creators. Emulate their achievements and build upon their success. And lastly,
  6. Scalable content: Create content that can be easily replicated, enabling you to dedicate a single day to shooting and then have enough footage for the entire month.

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