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In our recent conversation content creator, and entrepreneur, Deepak Pareek shares insights that might become a comprehensive guide for anyone who is looking to start a podcast. 

The podcast culture has experienced an exhilarating surge in the last few years with people discovering the allure of audio content. This popularity can also be accredited to the ease of accessibility that allows people the ability to listen on the go along with the immersive experience that podcasts offer. The popularity of audio content has ignited a desire in many to start their podcasts, fueled by the prospect of sharing their unique opinions and stories. However, it might be a bit daunting for people who are new to the business. Starting a podcast requires careful consideration of content, equipment, and planning but most of the time people find themselves confused among all the available options. In our recent conversation with content creator, and entrepreneur Deepak Pareek, who has his podcast channel shared his invaluable insights for anyone who wants to start their podcast journey. 

Deepak believes that content creation is a highly creative field, and to stay relevant, creators must constantly evolve. This is also why he tries to churn out fresh and old ideas every 6-8 months. In keeping up with this cycle of content creation he chose podcasting in May 2023 with his channel "The Chill Hour Pod". He says "As someone inclined towards motivation and public speaking, podcasting is like a new adventure that opens doors to exciting opportunities. I also wanted to segue into long-form and the audio medium of content and podcasting seemed to be the perfect fit checking off all the boxes." Drawing from his own experience, he talked about a few guidelines that helped him start his audio journey.

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Here's what Deepak had to share -

Can you discuss your approach to planning and structuring podcast episodes to engage your audience effectively?

When structuring podcast episodes, my primary focus is audience engagement. I ensure a conversational flow, making content relatable and authentic. Each episode is crafted to resonate with listeners, combining insightful discussions with a touch of personal experiences to keep things genuine and captivating. By maintaining a conversational tone and addressing real-life scenarios, I aim to keep listeners hooked from start to finish. One of the other things that we keep in mind is asking random, personal questions that add a layer of personal touch which is also well received by the listeners.  

In terms of equipment and software, what setup do you use for recording and editing your podcast?

For recording and editing, I keep it simple. We have a 2-camera setup, 2 lights, and SHURE MV7 microphones for our recording. We always wanted to have a highly professional setup while maintaining the quality of the podcast. 

How do you go about finding and calling guests for your podcast? Any tips for networking in the podcasting community?

Finding and inviting guests involves a mix of networking and genuine interest. I reach out to individuals whose stories align with the podcast’s theme. Building relationships within the podcasting community has been crucial. My tip is to engage authentically, attend events, and participate in discussions to foster connections.

What strategies do you employ to promote and market your podcast, both in the early stages and as it has grown?

Early on, social media platforms became my allies for promotion. Short-form content plays a huge role in promoting the podcast and that happens in the form of reels and shorts. As the podcast grew, collaborations, cross-promotions, and community engagement became integral to sustaining and expanding the listener base. Hence, I think consistency in promoting episodes and fostering audience interaction is key to sustained growth.

How do you maintain consistency in your podcast schedule, and what advice would you give to someone aiming for a regular release cadence?

I believe consistency is achieved through meticulous planning and a realistic release schedule. Hence, I would like to give one piece of advice to aspiring podcasters to establish a manageable cadence that aligns with your capacity. Regular communication within the team and setting realistic timelines contribute to maintaining a reliable release schedule.

How do you engage with your audience and gather feedback? How has listener input shaped the evolution of your podcast?

According to me, audience engagement is a priority, and I actively seek feedback through social media, emails, and listener surveys. This input has shaped the evolution of my podcast, influencing topics and the overall listening experience. Building a community where listeners feel heard is essential. 

In terms of monetization, what strategies have you explored, and how do you balance creating content for passion versus potential income?

Balancing passion and income involves strategic exploration. While staying true to my content’s essence, I’ve explored sponsorships and listener support. It’s crucial to align monetization strategies with the audience’s interests and expectations. While exploring avenues like sponsorships and partnerships, the primary focus remains on delivering content that aligns with the podcast's mission and values.

As the podcasting landscape evolves, what trends do you see shaping the future of podcast content creation and consumption?

In my opinion, the future of podcasting will likely witness increased diversification in content, embracing niche content, interactive formats, and increased collaboration. Interactive elements, such as live sessions, may become more prevalent, fostering deeper audience engagement. The future holds opportunities for creators to connect with audiences on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community. 

What is the one piece of advice that you would like to give to all the aspiring podcasters out there?

Having delved into various entrepreneurial niches and content creation, here's some advice I can share:

• Success Takes Time: Patience is paramount. Hence, embrace slow growth as it offers valuable lessons from failures, fostering continuous improvement in your journey.

Surround Yourself with Positivity: Choose your company wisely. Spend time with individuals who uplift and inspire you. Eliminate anything that drains your energy, cultivating an environment conducive to creativity and motivation.

Don’t Fixate on Numbers: Staying grounded and committed to the work, rather than chasing numbers, ensures a more fulfilling and sustained creative process. Focus on the journey, and the numbers will follow suit.

So, grab a microphone, unleash your creativity, and join the thriving community of podcast enthusiasts!

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