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'Coquette' has the girlies all giddy while serving aesthetics because it's giving us the Pinterest life we all craved for! Not sure what this means? We've broken it down for you! 

Ribbon bows have always been associated with femininity serving the purpose of what 'a soft girl' aesthetic means. One can’t just see a bow and not think of all the girly bits that it represents. The last months of 2023 were all about people bringing back bows into their everyday lives, including them in everything they possibly can. Even though many may just see it as another thing social media can go crazy over, it has opened up a new portal for fashion. Ribbons tied into cute bows have made their way into every fashion accessory giving girls a chance to live their Pinterest dreams. The creativity in these posts is straight out of a fantasy book and honestly, no one's complaining.

Embracing this very Lana Del Ray-coded trend that people are calling 'coquette' on social media, girls have found a new way to connect and communicate with each other. From tying bows on every possible thing close to them, to people making it an adorable statement in their outfits, the coquette trend is making a buzz online. 

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Although it's the feminine attributes of a bow that is often talked about, one just cannot miss the flirtatious nature that it holds. That’s exactly something that has caught people’s attention. But it is not just about people wanting to look cute in their outfits or decor, the ribbon has become a language of its own; a secret handshake that only the girls girls get. Honestly, it is still quite out of my league but I have made an effort to understand this new trend, fulfilling one of my New Year resolutions - learning about new things. The “coquette” trend that took over social media has the girlies uniting to describe everything in life. It is another way for them to show off their extremely self-aware versions while living their feminine dreams. 

How do they do it, you ask? Well, they try to put a bow on everything they love, like their pet to the things they know they should have done a while ago. 'A bow on a cereal bowl' is also a nod to another trend called 'girl dinner', but it's them placing a bow on their resignation letter or a middle finger that brings out the satirical side of the trend. This also happens to be the core of it all, allowing people to have a laugh while being fun.

But what makes this trend appealing to me as a social media user, is watching every person, especially women openly embracing their hyperfeminine self without feeling the need to justify their love for everything pink, white, and bow-y. In a time when women are supposed to be their independent selves with a certain set of rules attached to what that should look like, this coquette trend is a breather for many.

Do you find bows appealing? What do you think of this trend? Tell us in the comments below!

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