Is Girl Math the new metric for handling finance? Let's decode this!

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Girl Math

Managing and understanding finance may have been made easier but is Girl Math a valid way to live adult life? Check out what this new internet sensation actually means.

Being on the internet should not feel like a task that makes us take to Google search to understand the meaning of random internet terms. But unfortunately, it's what we've come down to thanks to Gen Zs who keep coming up with terms that are enough to hurt every millennial’s ego. There is nothing more hurtful than knowing you are too old for the internet because you can barely register what a new trend means. Understanding what ‘Girl Math’ is actually all about was an educational lesson that I didn’t sign up for. So you're not left feeling as horrible as I did, I'm breaking it down for you!

What does it mean?

Girl Math is nothing but finding ways to rationalize spending money in an illogical way. No money is wasted if it’s given a clear reason proving how it is basically free at the end of the day. Apparently, it is for a generation that doesn’t believe in money as a physical material.

How did it start?

This term was coined by a trio of New Zealand radio hosts on ZM's Fletch, Vaughan & Hayley. In one of the episodes, the trio explains how a caller’s 4 nights on the era tour is actually free because she doesn’t have to pay for the flight of four days, but only one. Not to mention that she can rewatch the concert a thousand times so it covers the cost because it becomes free. 

Here's the radio show decoding Girl Math:

How do you actually work with it?

A strategic way to analyze every purchase that one makes, this math is all about going for the classic approach of maximum return with limited risk. Some break it down for the noobs who are still figuring it out. For example: anything that you buy with a gift card is free, similarly, a vacation that you booked a month ago is free by the time you have to go. The money that you pay for an item that is less than a specific value doesn’t even count. It might feel like gibberish at first but eventually ends up making more sense the more you read about it. It just becomes too hard to NOT find logic in it.

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Although the Internet is calling it ‘Girl’ Math, this isn't limited only to one gender. Boys follow the same ideology for their money management. Streamer Atrioc was quick to point out how men do the same but term it as ‘Glambing Math’ instead. He talks about how it is ‘where guys come up with complex series of math to prove that they are always up,’ which just concludes it as just another justification for all the money that we tend to spend. Just as women try to find the plus of having to spend and eventually enjoy the item, men determine the odds before deciding if the wager is worth it. This just states that the iteration of what we call girl math has been a part of every generation at some point. 

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to be a part of these trends which also serves the idea of what online trends stand for. It need not be accurate that they explain how the world works. As an adult who has trouble understanding and managing her own finances, I could find sense in the way people use girl math to a point. But if you are wondering if it is something that people should live by, then the answer seems to rather obvious. The ever-distressful economic situation should not stop us from knowing more about how to manage our finances, and neither should people be shamed for using girl math as a way to cope with their spending. No matter what your idea of finance, money management, and generic adult life is, this internet trend of Girl Math is a fun distraction we can all use.

Here are some videos of people enjoying their Girl Math abilities:

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