Content creators, cricketers, and their game-changing collaborations are what we're loving during this year's IPL

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From Mumbai Indians' goofy side to Kokalta Knight Rider's strategies, these creator-IPL team collaborations are putting the fun in a funtastic IPL season!

India is at its festive best with multiple yet a common reason to gather around for a celebration. People were getting into the spirit of turning red, yellow, purple, and blue not just with Holi but also with one of the country’s favourite sports - Cricket. With one of the most masaledaar tournaments that get people to root for their favourite teams, the Indian Premier League is back with all its grandeur. The captains, jerseys, and team members may be new, but fans remain as loyal as every year. 

It’s now known that none of the major events can happen without the digital world's involvement. Fans look forward to seeing their favourite players interact with their favourite digital celebrities. This is why, watching popular content creators collaborate and involve cricketers in their shenanigans adds to their excitement. What makes IPL an exhilarating experience is the fact that each team has its quirks. From the team members to the state they represent, it is an open space to be creative. This freedom has encouraged creators to bring out the best of each cricketer and make them a star outside the pitch too. Watching these teams through a different lens has only helped fans to connect with them even more. While the cricket fever continues, we are enjoying all these creator-IPL team collaborations.

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It’s never a dull moment with these creator-IPL team collaborations

Dashoham with Kolkata Knight Riders

Mumbai Indians - Karan Sonawane, Neel and Funcho

Lucknow Super Giants - Shubham Gaur

Taran Singh with Rajasthan Royals

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