From Nikhil Paralikar's debut song to Netflix's Playback 2023, this creator's roundup covers every fun update of the week!

Piyush Singh
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From the latest musical releases to joyous celebrations, this creator's roundup encapsulates a week filled with exciting updates. Scroll through to know more

Netflix has released "Playback 2023," a nostalgic look back that invites its audience to relive the iconic moments of the year 2023 which also features Tanmaya Bhatt and Round2Hell. Nikhil Paralikar marked his singing debut with the soulful "Tum Sharaya," a mesmerizing wedding track released under Salim Merchant's prestigious label, Merchant Records. Avanti Nagral added her melodious touch to the start of the year with the enchanting "So It Begins," released on January 4th, while Sejal Kumar mesmerized fans with her captivating music video "Masoomiyan," released on January 1st fans praised how it gave a better start to their year. Raj Grover achieved a remarkable milestone after being honored with the coveted Diamond Play Button. The joyous celebrations continued as Pranjal Kamra and Priya Jain celebrated their union. 

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Here are the best updates of the week! 

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