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"My goal was to transform typical teenage experiences into engaging and humorous content that's relatable to a youthful audience,” says Not Your Type while talking about his life as a content creator.

One part of any entertainment industry is that people become famous which is also a reason for many to get into it. The serotonin boost that one might get from being recognized everywhere they go also happens to be validation that they are good at what they do. But not everyone yearns for the fame that comes with creating content. Some just wish for a platform that can take their creative ideas across audiences, case in point; Not Your Type. The animator who has become a popular faceless face in the content creator community, NYT is giving people a way to always be entertained. Subconsciously, he opted for anonymity with the primary focus on spotlighting his artwork and talent. 

The creator who has over 4.9 million subscribers on YouTube has a unique take on pop culture stories that he wishes to share with his audience. With a very peculiar animation style paired with a quirky narration, NYT continues to churn out videos that are a hit among his audience. Always making sure to strike a balance between relatability and uniqueness, he's looking for ways to stay relevant in the content industry. His journey has been an impressive one that is sure to encourage many looking to enter the digital entertainment space.

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He opened up about his animated world of content creation and more!

You chose art as a medium to share content without revealing your face. Was this a conscious decision?

Over time, I found a newfound enjoyment in maintaining anonymity, particularly as my channel expanded and viewers began appreciating my content, writing prowess, sense of humor, and animation skills. The gratification stemmed from being valued for my creative contributions rather than judged solely based on my appearance. In an age dominated by social media and filters, achieving success in entertaining an audience while remaining anonymous feels like a personal milestone for me.

Can you talk about the world of animation and things people don’t know about?

Animation may not be perceived as a serious profession by the general populace, especially in Indian society where esteemed careers typically revolve around becoming a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. However, delving into the world of animation reveals a realm of demanding work, requiring significant dedication, concentration, and meticulous attention to detail. Internationally acclaimed animated films like Spiderman – Into The Spider-Verse stand as a testament to the immense effort invested showcasing the substantial time it takes to craft even a few minutes of animated scenes. The intricacies become apparent when you explore the intricacies of layering digital and hand-painted frames, witnessing how this fusion breathes life into characters and captivates audiences. Within the animation sphere, one can uncover hidden delights, akin to discovering Easter eggs, within the renowned artworks of studios like Pixar, where subtle references to other movies are seamlessly integrated.

What do you make sure to highlight in your characters?

The characters featured in my videos are crafted to strike a balance between relatability and uniqueness. Take for instance my character in YouTube videos; while I don’t sport red hair in real life, the attire and anecdotes about school and daily life are designed to resonate with almost every teenager. The creative process behind developing these characters involves a fusion of my ideas and the initial artwork conceptualized by my younger brother, Aryan. His vibrant illustrations bring colorful characters to life, captivating the viewers’ attention, and together, we aim to narrate stories from my personal experiences. This approach ensures that my audience remains engaged, as they find something relatable and compelling in each narrative.

How would you describe your comics? Do artists influence you?

During the initial phases, my inspiration heavily drew from the American style of animation, notably influenced by shows like ‘The Family Guy’ and the artistic creations of renowned studios such as Ghibli, Disney, and Pixar. The timeless fusion of animation with humor has left an indelible mark on the history of illustrative art, and I aspired to recreate similar experiences for my Indian audience. My vision was to depict the life of an ordinary Indian teenager on YouTube, and it was my brother, Aryan, who proposed infusing a unique style by animating my personal experience. Aryan’s passion for animation predates my interest, and his expertise was instrumental in guiding me towards the right animation style that complemented my scriptwriting. Together, we collaborated to bring my vision to life in a way that resonated authentically with the audience.

How long does it take for you to turn an idea into a video since it’s all animation? What does the process look like?

The process of animation demands a considerable investment of patience and time, involving meticulous effort in crafting a compelling storyline, selecting animation characters, and curating captivating backgrounds with an eye-catching color palette. As I advance in my career, there is a heightened responsibility to consistently produce high-quality content, evident in the extended timeframe for posting my content. To ensure the creation of a top-notch, entertaining video, an approximate duration of 3 to 4 weeks is allocated. This encompasses a methodical approach, including step-by-step tasks such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, color palette development, finalizing the animation project, and sound design that aligns seamlessly with the script and animated visuals. Additionally, the process involves addressing various elements, ranging from refining aspects that might not sit well in the final project to accommodating any last-minute changes, potentially driven by sponsor demands. This commitment to detail contributes to the overall quality and excellence of the final animated video.

As a popular YouTuber, you have also managed to take a dig at other YouTubers, roasting them and their content.

The art of roasting is deeply ingrained in the fabric of Indian society, woven into the tapestry of our daily lives through interactions with parents, friends, and the infamous Indian relatives. This cultural inclination has found a significant presence in the realm of creativity, evolving into an entire genre of content on platforms like YouTube. In my content, I engage in light-hearted roasting of fellow YouTubers who have been a source of inspiration or entertainment for me. These YouTubers, many of whom are my good friends, have taken these roast videos in stride, responding with a positive and appreciative attitude. Their encouragement, along with uplifting messages, has not only fuelled my creative process but has also established roasting as a consistent element in my upcoming content. It’s a playful and friendly way to celebrate the community while injecting humor into the scriptwriting process.

Do you have a preference between long-form or short-form videos, considering you make both kinds of videos?

In the realm of creativity, I refuse to confine myself to limits or time constraints. I’ve never quantified my content based on a specific duration or boundary. During the creative process, Aryan and I engage in discussions exploring the potential for creative jokes within the script, character development, scene transitions, and the seamless interconnection of two stories. We weave a narrative that incorporates both drama and humor, culminating in an engaging and often amusing conclusion. These collective elements naturally dictate the length of the video, emphasizing that the duration is not a predetermined choice in my approach to content creation.

How do you make sure to be innovative and creative in your content?

I approach my creative process with a multifaceted perspective, actively seeking opinions from my team. Aryan, in particular, plays a pivotal role in offering insights into how my writing might be perceived by others. He recommends alterations to characters or punchlines from an alternative viewpoint that I might not initially discern. Additionally, I delve into research and consume diverse forms of content to elevate an ordinary character, making them more compelling and visually appealing. Given the widespread accessibility of international content on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and others, a vast array of innovative creations from around the globe is at our fingertips. This expanded exposure provides ample opportunities for growth in the creative field, fostering an environment where fresh ideas can flourish.

How can content creators make sure to develop their own USP and stand out in this sea of creators?

Invest time and effort into cultivating your passion and refining it, as the distinctive essence of your individuality cannot be replicated by mimicking current trends. While the content available on the web and in the digital realm can serve as inspiration to enrich your creative concepts, it’s crucial not to let it overshadow your style. Nurturing and developing your unique approach will pave the way for creating your brand, enabling you to distinguish yourself from the vast community of content creators.

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