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From answering our fan theories to helping us solve the timelines and its multiverse madness, Indian Youtuber Aman Sinha aka SuperSuper is satisfying every superhero fan with his content.

Fans have come a long way from the infinity phase to finding the new heroes facing the Kang dynasty or from when we fought for the director's cut to watching a new actor play Batman. Through it all, what stayed constant is every fan's love for comics and the characters. The love for these characters and their storyline is so pure and deep that any new news of a movie or series has us looking for how they would pan out in the already existing universe. Indian Youtuber Aman Sinha aka SuperSuper is becoming that source that fans can reach out to for their superhero query. From answering our fan theories to solving the timelines and its multiverse madness, Indian Youtuber SuperSuper is satisfying every superhero fan with his content.

SuperSuper is a channel dedicated to talking about everything happening in the world of superheroes. Talking about the whys, hows, and whos of the two famous fictional worlds, the channel dwells on finding and giving the audience an insight into things they might have missed in their favorite superhero movie, and what they can expect from an upcoming show or movie. Like the fans, we had a bunch of questions for him about how he ventured into the world of creating content around superheroes, his theories about upcoming heroes, and more.

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Here's what he had to share!

What was your earliest introduction to superheroes?

When I was 5 years old we were going on a family trip, at the railway station my father bought me a Batman comic book and told me to read it throughout the journey, I read it I loved it, and that became a ritual for me to buy a comic book whenever we are traveling. That was my first introduction to superheroes. Just imagine my father could have bought me any book, any kid's book, but he or destiny chose a superhero comic book and that made me a fan!

How did this love for heroes turn into a YouTube career?

I and my friends used to make short films and comedy videos when we were in college, we used to react to Indian tv serial commercials, we were superhero fans, and we knew everything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC and many more, So one day we decided to react on the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and that reaction became breakdown of the trailer during the process and we published it and our viewers recommended us to make a separate channel just for superhero info related channel. I made videos that I thought people would like to know about and the audience liked it by the end of college it was generating some revenue that made me think about what to do now. I chose to do something I like.

What does your research process look like?

It is pretty simple, most of the time I know about the superhero because of comics, but I don’t know about I know where to find info about them, there are multiple websites and lots of comic book connections which lead to a particular superhero comic book origin and its powers and abilities. That is the sole source of all the theories and future journeys of that particular superhero.

Do you think despite MCU having amazing female superheroes, it has failed to give them a better arc? Like Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the bad CGI in She-Hulk!

Whenever I imagine a good female superhero arc my mind goes toward the story of the Scarlet Witch, but in that case, the storyline was suggested by the character’s actor Elizabeth Olson, being a fan gives the character some advantage, it's not in the case of Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk. The Black Widow movie was not well made, Russians don't speak in a Russian accent among their people, also it was pretty clear the movie was more focused on the introduction of Yelena and less on the main character, Natasha Romanoff. In the case of Captain Marvel, I can confidently say, most of the fans don’t like Brie Larson, I don’t know if they hate an actor who claims she can beat Thor or they just can’t see a new person coming all strong out of nowhere. The Captain Marvel movie is awesome. A superhero with absorbing powers crashing through Kree ships is all we want. It proved this with its box office numbers, but sometimes you can’t keep everyone happy and the studio seems fine with it and that's a good thing.

The bad CGI of She-Hulk is not affecting the fun episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law that much, we know the studio is pressuring hundreds of VFX artists to complete projects on time. Tens of Marvel projects are in production at the same time, this was about to happen at some time. But every time Jennifer walters looks towards the camera, the eyes of fans like myself light up. It's going to be the best self-acceptance arc in MCU.

Considering the popularity of these movies, do you think coming up with a theory or knowing what might happen beforehand has become something that fans are taking too far?

It is the sole reason for the expectations of fans not being fulfilled. The trailer breakdown alone reveals a lot about the storyline, it leads to some solid fan theories and when we see those trailer scenes in the movie, we quickly realize what's going to happen. It never used to happen before. This also makes studios work hard. Although this studio changes some of the character's stories in the movie, like Ikaris being the bad guy in Eternals was not expected by any of us. Studio changed his story from comics and we fans enjoyed Eternals a bit more.

What is the craziest theory you have heard that made you wonder why?

All avengers will die in Avengers: Endgame and before Avengers Endgame many people came up with many theories, Antman inside Thanos, Wanda and Captain Marvel destroying all the stones, and Cap dying in the final battle. Many theories surfaced, but this theory was gaining the attention of many people. It made me wonder why, because one thing I knew for sure was that it would take more than infinity stones to just kill Thor, also Hulk is not easy to kill either, but this theory somewhat came true and 2 avengers died with Captain America retiring.

If you are in a DC vs MCU debate, would you support any and why?

It's not easy to choose any side, but if we are talking about the cinematic universe, I would say I support MCU, and more importantly, I support Kevin Fiegi who did everything in his power to keep MCU going, and also made tons of profit for Disney also, The main thing about a cinematic universe is that no matter what the stories must keep going, it's like comic books, every superhero has a story, and all of their stories finally leads to a massive crossover and that's what's happening in MCU. Although the big guns are yet to be used - Mutants and Fantastic Four. But I know DC haven’t even shown their best stories yet, I know 2-3 Superman movies are enough to balance the whole Marvel Vs DC Scale, Darksied War if done right will take DC at the top spot, and The Doomsday clock, Crisis on Infinite Earth or Injustice storylines are mega projects that will change the future of superhero movies. DC has lots of potential, it's messed up because of continued execs' interference. Believe me, the concept of a superhero cinematic universe is still new, hundred of stories are yet to be seen.

Do you have any memorable audience interactions that you love to share with us?

I am a big eSports fan, before the pandemic, I used to go to many eSports Tournaments to cheer for my favorite team, During one event some people recognized me and asked for selfies, I was shocked because I knew people love superheroes but the love they showed toward a guy who likes to talk about superheroes was very overwhelming.

If you are into superheroes too, then you should check out what he has in store for you.

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