Dadi Ji Ki Rasoi is the adorable antidote that every stressed out, hungry souls like us need!

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Dadi Ji Ki Rasoi

Hello, namaste! Chaliye shuru karte hai good vibes enjoy karna with our favorite internet grandmother, Dadi Ji Ki Rasoi

We have all come to accept and use the term, ‘being in your 20s with the body of a 70-year-old', like it is the worst that our body can be. Being old is often considered a period where all that one does is rest, feel tired, and practically hate the younger generation and their elaborate gadgets. But more often than not, we come across accounts or individuals like Vijay Nischal who prove us wrong in their own little way. Fondly known as Dadi ji ki Rasoi, Vijay has entered the world of content creation and is here to dominate it one recipe at a time. Sharing her traditional recipes with the world, she is giving people a taste of home. Who is not a fan of their grandparents' cooking? Watching Vijay aka Dadiji be that for many online is nothing short of heartwarming. 

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No matter what the context, it is always endearing to watch older people do things on social media. Oldies radiate the purity and hard work of their times, also the reason why we love watching them share their 2 cents on a platform that is predominantly considered the younger generation's domain. Starting her chai recipe video with an adorable, "Garmi me garam chai tandak pohechaye, aao banye badiya chai!" and proceeding to make what looks like one of the best chai in the world, Dadiji has managed to melt our hearts. As one of the users commented, it's possible that only one of the recipes from Dadi ji ki Rasoi can fix all our problems. The vibes here are too good for people to start missing and remembering their own dadi ji.

In times when we often forget to celebrate and appreciate the smallest of wins, Dadi Ki Rasoi is setting an example by celebrating her small victory. The cooking channel recently celebrated hitting 1k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Although she was only celebrating hitting 1k, the wave of positivity she shares with the world has led to her YT channel growing to have over 46.2K subscribers. The video of her celebrating her victory itself has over 22.2 million views. 

The channel is the most close-to-home content you'll find on the internet today! So if you haven't yet, check out her channel for more recipes.

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