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In a chat with content creators Manya Saini, Anuj Chhejarh, Akhil Khatri, Rohit Saluja, and Rashmi Chawla, we discovered some tried and tested hacks to deal with the pressure of a looming deadline.

Imagine you're on a tight deadline, staring at a blank screen, unable to conjure any ideas as feelings of anxiety begin to take over. This isn't an unfamiliar situation for many of us because creative blocks are indeed a universal challenge.  It is a nightmare when these blocks start to manifest as an inability to generate new ideas, a lack of inspiration, or a pervasive feeling of being stuck especially on days you are expected to be creative.

Overcoming creative blocks is especially crucial in roles that demand daily creativity, but these problems are not discussed enough. Dealing effectively with creative blocks is essential for maintaining a steady flow of ideas and sustaining productivity. It is important to keep your thought process going and growing, ensuring that creativity remains resilient.

In a recent chat with content creators Manya Saini, Anuj Chhejarh, Akhil Khatri, Rohit Saluja, and Rashmi Chawla, we discussed this common problem. Each shared their personal experiences with creative blocks and their favorite strategies for overcoming them. They emphasized the significance of addressing these challenges head-on and shared methods that have helped them stay inspired, creative, and productive.

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Here is what they shared!

Manya Saini, "As a content creator and soon-to-be clothing brand owner, dealing with creative blocks is a familiar challenge. When I find myself stuck, I employ a few simple yet effective strategies to unlock my creativity. I start by listening to my favorite music, which often sparks new ideas and energizes my mind. Sometimes, I take a break and go for a walk, letting the fresh air and change of scenery clear my thoughts, or I head to the gym. A good nap can also do wonders, as it refreshes my mind and helps me look at things from a new perspective. Additionally, I spend time scrolling through social media or fashion platforms, drawing inspiration from the incredible work of others. These activities help me overcome creative blocks and reignite my passion for my projects."

Anuj Chhejarh, "Creative blocks are the worst, aren't they? As a lifestyle influencer juggling travel, styling, and skincare content, I've definitely hit my fair share of walls. First off, I let myself take a break. Seriously, sometimes the best thing you can do is step away. I might go for a walk, binge-watch a series, or just pamper myself with a skincare routine. It's amazing how a little self-care can spark new ideas.

When I need a fresh perspective, I love exploring new places, even if it's just a local café I haven't tried before. Travel is a huge part of my content, and it never fails to inspire me. I take in the sights, sounds, and even street fashion for that extra bit of creativity. Another trick? I reach out to my community. Engaging with my followers and fellow influencers often gives me a fresh take or an idea I hadn't considered. Their enthusiasm and support are incredibly motivating.

Lastly, I remind myself that it's okay to have off days. Creativity isn't a tap you can turn on at will, and that's perfectly fine. Being kind to myself and trusting the process always brings the mojo back. So, if you're stuck, just breathe, explore, and reconnect with what you love. The ideas will flow again."

Rashmi Chawla, "I go for a walk, journal about my roadblocks, and declutter my environment. I remind myself that it's okay to hit a block and focus on making it a positive experience, avoiding excessive self-criticism. Breaking it down into small pieces helps prevent it from feeling overwhelming, and I strive to take small actions every day to keep moving forward."

Rohit Saluja, "Creative blocks are inevitable, but over time, I've learned that forcing creativity doesn't help. Instead, I take the opportunity to unwind and recharge. I engage in activities that I enjoy, like partying, playing sports, hanging out with friends, or treating myself to my favorite food. By pampering myself and taking a break, I find that my creativity naturally returns with time."

Akhil Khatri, "When faced with a creative block, I've learned to silence the inner critic and explore new things. Instead of dwelling on self-doubt, I indulge myself in activities that ignite my passion. Whether it's going on a spontaneous trip, practicing self-compassion, or enjoying the company of friends, I refuse to let stagnation hold me back. By stepping outside my comfort zone, I uncover fresh perspectives and inspiration. Traveling introduces me to different cultures and rejuvenates my creativity. Embracing self-kindness allows me to acknowledge that creativity ebbs and flows, and that's okay. Connecting with friends reminds me of the importance of community and shared experiences. Through these actions, I break free from creative stagnation and rediscover my creative spark."

Through their stories, it becomes clear that while creative blocks are a natural part of the creative process, they can be dealt with through effective strategies and a proactive mindset.

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