An ode to doctors who made sexual health accessible to us

Smrithi Mohan
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Using their platform to initiate conversations on sexual health, these doctors and content creators are breaking barriers and helping us understand our bodies.

Growing up in an Indian household comes with rules that demand certain topics to be kept under wraps. Asking questions on these often ‘hushed’ topics meant being shamed or even treated like you have committed a grave sin. Using words like periods, sex, vagina, vaginal discharge, masturbation, sexual pleasure, and sex positions that would help make sex enjoyable always came with a glare. A silent siren went off somewhere like a grave, unforgivable crime was committed. Despite the fear around it, we made sure to read Dr. Watsa’s column and laughed at his witty response to people asking the most random questions about sex and sexual health. This mirrored the lack of proper sexual education in society.

If there’s anything that we as a community have come to realize it's how openly discussing topics helps eliminate people's fear around it. It’s through knowledge that people will understand the importance of leading a sex life that is safe and also the benefits of maintaining personal hygiene. These doctors and content creators have thankfully contributed to starting these conversations at a micro level. 

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Dr Tanaya aka Dr Cuterus is an amazing example of a creator we love to listen to speak about our deepest, darkest insecurities. With her flamboyant personality and approachable demeanour, Tanaya uses logical reasoning for every concern people may have about their bodies. Dr Jayati Kukreti is also doing her bit to help us understand virginity, finding the clitoris, the difference being porn and sex in real life, and more. Both are using their medical knowledge to share details on how our body works with information you can rely on so you don't find yourself on a public forum or Google answers again.

Meanwhile, Dr Maitri, an educator is putting women’s hygiene on the forefront while highlighting facts that will debunk any preconceived notions that one may have regarding the same. Chitra Singh is another doctor who uses memes and comedy to highlight common mistakes people may make in their sex lives. On the other hand, Dr Mitali is taking her audience through a journey where she constantly tries to simplify periods, hormones, and reproductive health.

The accessibility of social media has not only given people a place to learn but most importantly, it has given the ones with the right tools the space to right the wrongs of the past. These doctors have taken it upon themselves to use the engagement social media has to offer for the greater good and to make lives easier. 

Aren't we all grateful for these doctors and content creators on social media? Here's wishing them Happy Doctor's Day!

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