"Doodle Your Day" trend captures the beauty around us with each stroke

Piyush Singh
Sep 25, 2023 21:41 IST
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Doodle your day

The "Doodle Your Day" trend has caught everyone's attention for how heartwarmingly simple it is. Here are some videos that will make you want to doodle too. 

Scrolling through your feed on Instagram, you must have come across the 'Doodle Your Day' trend, where people doodle every little thing they experience in their day on a blank piece of paper. This trend has caught everyone's attention for its simplicity, and rightfully so. It's become harder for us to cope with our fast-paced environment and easier to shrug past the mundane things and observe the beauty around us. Watching this trend serves as a reminder to cherish everyday wonders. 

It's heartwarming to witness people, armed with nothing more than a pen and paper, embracing their inner artists to document every experience, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Through doodles, these people have found a medium to express gratitude for the little things that brighten their days. The 'Doodle Your Day' trend is helping us foster a deep sense of appreciation for the world around us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have been ignoring the delicate intricacies of life. Perhaps they don't observe enough, they don't take time to sit and wonder, or maybe they don't know how to doodle. The trend is not about being the best at doodling or doing it better than everybody else, it's about finding joy in the little things.

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Here are a few videos that made us wanna doodle our day!

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