‘English with Dehati Madam’ is here to help you with your English and you shouldn’t miss out!

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English with Dehati Madam

The UP woman, Yashoda Lodhi is teaching English on her YouTube channel ‘English with Dehati Madam’ and the world needs to know about her!

One always tends to associate learning English with teachers who belong to metropolitan cities, dress up in a certain way and meet all the stereotypes that movies have shown us all along. Miss Briganza, we looking at you! But a woman in UP has turned into a YouTuber to share her English with the world and that’s so wholesome and empowering!

The lady in question is Yashoda Lodhi who has grabbed everyone’s attention with how well-spoken and helpful she is to everyone wanting to learn the language. We all know that English is a universal language that everyone is expected to know and people who don’t are easily looked down upon. We certainly don’t expect a resident of Sirathu Nagar panchayat in Kaushambi district to speak fluent English and also share her knowledge with millions through her YouTube channel. But here we are with a popular YouTube channel, ‘English with Dehati Madam’, that has more than 2.85 lakh subscribers.

The YouTuber herself has completed her 12th and makes sure to motivate her followers to try their hand at learning something new without being afraid. Yashoda was also being bullied for not being about to talk about herself in class. Her classmates called her a Dehati and both of these reasons led to her working on herself and starting her YouTube channel. Using Dehati, a term that is often referred to people living in rural areas in India, as a part of her channel's name shows how confident she is of herself and the place she comes from.

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She has also shared videos of interacting with foreign tourists and having a chat with them about why she wanted to learn the language herself while talking about the multiple dialects that one can find in a diverse country like India.

More power to this incredible woman!!

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English with Dehati Madam UP based english teacher Yashoda Lodhi