7 heartwarming Reels that radiate pure, simple joy!

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In today's episode of deriving happiness from social media, we found some Reels that talk about simple pleasures, acceptance, and living without fear. 

Every day we scroll through social media, we are reminded of the lives we wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. Living in this world constantly struggling in the face of atrocities, it’s refreshing to see people in love, knowing their self-worth, and showing people what life could be like. Isn't that the whole point of us being social animals? That we care for our fellow human beings? As cishet individuals who are aware of the privilege that we have, standing with the queer community and supporting them in all the beautiful things that they deserve to enjoy is the bare minimum we can do. While many of us are still trying to understand their stories, many queer folks are sharing moments from their lives that are heartwarmingly beautiful. 

Being openly queer, especially, on social media tends to welcome negativity. Despite the pessimism, we have seen queer folks being their happy, flamboyant selves. They keep sharing moments from their lives while being proud of who they are which makes the internet our favorite place. We have seen them dripping sass as they respond to negative comments, share those quiet moments of being in love, show us what queer friendships look like, give us a glimpse of the joy of parents' acceptance, being undeterred by people’s opinions and continuing to share what they love and more. We came across a few of these Reels and couldn’t help but make a list!

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Here are some of our favorites!

Aren't these videos the sweetest thing you have seen on the internet today?

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