Holi highlights and the colourful adventures in the creator world!

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Want to know what the creators were up to for Holi this long weekend? Check out this very creative and fun way they celebrated the festival.

It was all about creating Holi havoc and bringing back childhood memories in the digital space! The weekend has been delightful and fun, filled with colors and celebrations because of Holi over the weekend. It was a colorful affair in the creator world as they gathered to have a blast during Holi. For some, it has been a first family celebration while for others it has been a family and friends weekend. Creators did not shy away from sharing their amazing celebrations with their followers. In between their celebrations, they also made sure to give people a taste of their creative ideas. We saw creators share hilarious 1-minute Holi sketches on Reels. They took us down memory lane and instances that were too relatable to miss. Be it the colorful Holi or the silver, Ayodhya wali Holi or the one in Nepal to grand Holi-bash parties around the city, they showed us every kind of Holi celebration there is.

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Here's all the colourful hues creators had to share:

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