A video shared by filmmaker Rohan Jain has sparked debates about consent during Holi

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Water balloons were thrown at filmmaker Rohan Jain despite his warnings and this has left the internet talking about the lack of respect for consent during Holi.

India was celebrating the festival of colors and like every year, talks and debates about forcing people to be part of the celebrations have stirred a major debate online. It began after filmmaker Rohan Jain shared a video of his experience. He was visiting his relatives during Holi when water balloons were being thrown at him against his wish. According to Rohan, he was getting out of the cab, carrying bags of his filming equipment when the girl first threw the balloon. It was when she continued despite his warnings that he filmed the same and shared it on his page.

While sharing the video, Rohan wrote, ‘This girl almost hit my laptop with a water balloon while I was getting out of the cab at my relative’s place. And even after politely asking her not to do this, instead of saying sorry and stopping it right away, she starts throwing even more balloons and then her family is standing there watching and starts justifying it and arguing back.Rohan mentioned having confronted the girl and eventually her family who began defending her actions calling it part of the 'festive spirit'. Despite multiple requests, the girl continued throwing balloons at him, eventually suggesting that he should have instead stayed home. This has sparked conversations and debate online on the need for consent during festivals like Holi.

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People have always talked about respecting other's boundaries during festivals like Holi. It was this thought that triggered a series of reactions online where people showed their support for Rohan. One of the users agreed with Rohan's outrage and wrote, 'i dont understand the concept of messing with random people walking by on Holi. she has a whole family to celebrate with or just get some friends and play with them man.' While another user said, 'Just because someone is celebrating a festival, doesn’t give anyone the right to force anyone else to be part of it, against their will.' There were also those who thought that he was just over-reacting to the incident and should let the kid be.

Here's the video!

This video makes you wonder about the absence of consent even in today's time and question if people continue to take festivals for granted.

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