Jay Shetty is under scrutiny for allegedly making false claims about his life as a monk

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Jay Shetty

From claims of spending 3 years in Mumbai as a monk to plagiarising, Jay Shetty has been called out for sharing false information about his life.

The British-Indian life coach, author, creator and podcaster, Jay Shetty has authored the best-selling book ‘Think Like a Monk’ and is known for sharing inspirational content. Today, with over 15.3 million followers on Instagram, he has well-known personalities vouching for him. In a recent controversy, he was under scrutiny after a report came out in The Guardian that accused Shetty of having made false claims about his time living in Mumbai.

Shetty’s life story always revolved around his childhood, spending time living with monks and later serving as a monk himself. According to Shetty, his decision to spend time in Mumbai came after attending a lecture by Gauranga Das, an International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) monk, at his business school in London. He mentioned how it was this lecture that triggered a spiritual awakening, encouraging him to depart for Mumbai, where he resided for three years before eventually returning to England. 

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His website claims the same, which was questioned by The Guardian demanding the authenticity of the same. The report also suggested that people close to him have also opposed to his claims, calling them untrue. Meanwhile, Gauranga Das himself talked to The Guardian about how the event in question happened in 2007 when Shetty would have been at least 19 years old, which contradicts Shetty’s claim of being 18 at the time. His claims to have isolated himself during the time were also questioned since he has been a part of digital activities, filming for his YouTube. The report also accuses the author of plagiarism, especially since he took down 100 posts in 2019 following a similar claim by social media influencer, Nicole Arbour. Several other creators also raised their concerns about him posting their content without permission and without rightfully crediting them.

Jay Shetty has remained silent throughout the allegations and hasn’t shared his side of the story yet.

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