Viral Indians: Dolly Chaiwala has taken the internet by storm one cup at a time

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Dolly Chaiwala

A personification of 'If you're good at something be great at it', Dolly Chaiwala has become a viral sensation. If you have also stumbled on him and want to know more about who he is, keep reading.

You can take anything from Indians but not their love for chai. The holy concoction of a mix of tea leaves and herbs, chai lovers take up the majority of the population and likely so. Just like the love for this beverage, everyone has their favourite tapri vala who manages to bring joy to their life. But if there's a tapri vala that people can’t stop discussing it’s Dolly Chaiwala, a tea stall owner based in Nagpur. Dolly has gained popularity on the internet for being unique and extraordinary in what he does. And when the Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates was in India recently, he decided to give the internet’s famous chaiwala and his chai a chance, putting the viral star on the map. 

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How did he go viral?

Even though people have started talking about Dolly, it was not the first video that caused chaos. With an eccentric personality, Dolly is known for having a unique style when preparing chai for his customers. With his quirky hairstyle and eye-catching outfits, he arrives on his custom KTM bike to his stall as fans wait for him to make his classic chai for them. It’s the way he handles the cups and pours the milk that made him a viral sensation.

If you think that this is all he does, listen to this! Dolly is so famour that he gets invited as a guest for inaugurations where people gather around to get a glimpse of him. Even celebrities take time out to visit his stall and watch his signature action live. This content is not just about his unique tea-serving skills, Dolly has also started sharing motivational quotes for his followers online, and people seem to love them. 

About his video with Bill Gates

The Microsoft co-founder who was in India recently, decided to add one more spot to visit in Nagpur. Sharing, the now-viral video, Gates wrote, 'In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn—even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!' Ever since the video came out, the internet couldn't fully grasp this unlikely collab. Despite both of them not tagging each other on the video, shared on their respective accounts, it has caused the internet to go looking for Dolly and indulge in his content. From wondering if it's Deepfake or AI-generated, to them celebrating the same, people have been sharing their thoughts on it in the comments. 

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