Mansi Ugale and Rishabh Chawlaa’s Arabian night adventure 'The Hourglass Kingdom' is stunningly beautiful

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The Hourglass Kingdom

Everyone is left in awe by the efforts Mansi Ugale and Rishabh Chawlaa poured into creating their own Arabian night adventure with 'The Hourglass Kingdom'. 

Reels are no longer just about dancing to the same audio or jumping onto random trends. It has become a place to shower the digital audience with every prolific idea that one can think of. We have seen it over the years as creators decided to be experimental with their content and found it to work well for them. Individuals are willing to find their USP and create a genre for themselves and Mansi Ugale and Rishabh Chawlaa are proof! 

These two creators have left a rumble on the internet with their recent post. Fans and their fellow creators have been chattering about their efforts while being appreciative of their hard work to pull it off. Mansi and Rishabh created a world for their digital audience through their 1 minute 25 second artistry titled ‘The Hourglass Kingdom’. The Hourglass Kingdom follows Arya and Maya, two adventurers set to find treasures in the dunes. They described it as “A secret buried deep in the dunes that wasn’t meant to be unveiled, a journey of Maya and Arya that surpasses eras.” 

Talk about making a statement with frames and Mansi Ugale never disappoints. The creator has been putting forth her best storytelling skills and her recent collaboration with Rishabh confirms it yet again. Going all out on production, the movie looks nothing short of a large-scale Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. With carefully crafted frames, the two take us all through an adventure that looks straight out of a fantasy book. People had all praise for the two creators and their ability to churn it out for many to enjoy. While many were mind-boggled by the Reel, others weren't surprised at their caliber to create something this cool.

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