We had a brisk chat with Mohak Narang over his Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI 2023 debut

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Mohak Narang walked the ramp for the esteemed menswear brand, Park Avenue at the Lakme Fashion Week. In a conversation with us, he shares his experience. 

After New York, Paris, and Milan, the glitz and glamor of fashion also came to India with a glamourous return of the Lakme Fashion Week. It is one of the most anticipated fashion events and as always, it made a triumphant return this year, setting the stage aglow with creativity. We also saw creators like Mohak Narang, walking the ramp for Park Avenue which made the event rather exciting. 

We wonder what it looks like from the perspective of someone walking the ramp and experiencing the show. Participating in Lakme Fashion Week for Park Avenue was a dream come true for Mohak. The atmosphere was electric, filled with creativity, and an aura of fashion innovation. "Walking the ramp and being a part of this iconic event was a remarkable experience that I will cherish forever. The entire event was a blend of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a celebration of fashion.The adrenaline rush, the bright lights, and the crowd cheering and supporting us created an atmosphere like no other. It was a blend of excitement and nervousness, but the energy from the audience was incredibly motivating. It's an experience that I will always look back on with pride." 

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In the last few years, we saw creators walking the ramps of big fashion events for brands. Talking about creators’ impact on events like LFW and their contributions, Mohak mentioned that creators are the driving force behind the innovation and evolution of the fashion industry. "These events provide a platform for creators to showcase their unique visions and push boundaries. Creators bring new perspectives, styles, and trends, which in turn inspire and influence the entire fashion landscape. They play a crucial role in shaping the future of fashion and pushing the industry to new heights."  

Of course, the fashion industry is all about surprises and this edition of the Lakme Fashion Week exceeded all the expectations. When we asked Mohak about his favorite show, he said, "It's challenging to pick just one favorite show, as each designer and show at Lakme Fashion Week was exceptional in its own way. However, if I had to choose, the Park Avenue show, where I had the privilege to walk, was undoubtedly a highlight for me. The collection was a perfect blend of elegance and style, reflecting the essence of the brand. It was an incredible experience to be a part of it." 

The best thing about Lakme Fashion Week is that fashion is not just limited to the ramp. Mohak was impressed to catch a glimpse of some incredible styles that people had to offer throughout the event. "Street style was prominent, with a mix of classic and contemporary fashion. Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion choices were also quite popular, emphasizing the industry's shift towards more responsible practices. Athleisure and gender-neutral fashion were trends that caught my eye, reflecting the dynamic and inclusive nature of the industry." 


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