Niharika NM makes her Tollywood debut with Geetha Arts Production

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Niharika NM Tollywood debut

After a great streak as a content creator, Niharika NM is all set to make her Tollywood Debut.

Niharika NM, widely recognized on social media for her engaging content, is making her debut in Tollywood with a film produced by Geetha Arts. On the occasion of her birthday, Geetha Arts welcomed her to the Tollywood family with a special post on social media. Born in Chennai and raised in Bangalore, Niharika pursued her MBA from Chapman University in California, USA. Her passion for theatre arts ignited at a young age, leading her to start her career as a YouTube influencer while she was still in the tenth grade. Niharika captivates her audience by creating Instagram reels where she shares her perspectives on various topics.

Over time, Niharika has earned the title of social media's entertainment and comedy queen, amassing a following of 6 million subscribers. Recently, she had the honor of representing India for the second consecutive year at the Creators for Change program hosted by YouTube. Beyond entertainment, Niharika is also committed to raising awareness about important social issues through her content. Notably, her impressive career growth is being studied as a case study at Chapman University, where she completed her MBA.

As Niharika NM steps into the world of Tollywood, her extensive experience in creating relatable and impactful content is expected to pave the way for a successful career in the film industry. Her transition from a social media sensation to a Tollywood star holds great promise. With her talent, charisma, and dedication, Niharika NM is poised to make a significant impact in Tollywood.

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Niharika NM Tollywood debut Niharika NM