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In our exclusive chat, Nitanshi Goel unveils the things about planning her content and everything she learned about Snapchat along the way.

If you are a content creator, you might have found yourself overwhelmed by the number of platforms you have to be active on. Right from keeping up with the trends to planning an engaging strategy, creators have to do it all. Each social media platform offers unique opportunities for content creators who need to find distinct characteristics and audience engagement strategies that work for them. It might sound like a common thing to say but many creators don't consider this while planning content for different platforms. Instagram, for instance, emphasizes visual content, making it ideal for photographers, videographers, artists, and lifestyle influencers. Its features like Stories and Reels, provide us with formats for creativity and audience interaction. There is a diverse audience that you can find on Instagram. Snapchat, on the other hand, is known for its ephemeral nature, appealing to a younger demographic with its playful filters and lenses and the Spotlight feature. Content creators on Snapchat often focus on authentic, in-the-moment content that helps them connect better. Content creator Nitanshi Goel, who is actively engaged on both platforms, helps us understand how one stands out from the other. By highlighting Instagram's need for polished content and Snapchat's spontaneous and unfiltered moments, she talks about how creators can leverage the differences that each platform offers.

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Nitanshi shares her two cents to help creators tailor their strategies to use the unique strengths of each platform:

Can you briefly describe your experience as a content creator on both Snapchat and Instagram? What do you believe are the key differences between Snapchat and Instagram as platforms for content creation?

As a content creator, my experiences have been incredibly rewarding across platforms. I leverage these platforms to showcase my creativity, share my passions, and build a community around my content. There are some key differences across platforms when it comes to content creation. Snapchat is for more authenticity and in-the-moment content allowing me to connect with my audience at a more personal level. The platform never had a public social comparison metric such as ‘likes’. I find it to be an antidote to social media. On Snapchat, I can be my true self. I share snippets of my day, behind-the-scenes moments, and spontaneous creations. The ability for me to show up in a way that is me sets this app apart. My follower base is also very different here, they don't show me any hate we chat about life and fun things. This is also because Snapchat’s algorithm is not programmed to spread harmful content or misinformation.

On Instagram, hashtags and discoverability are crucial. How does Snapchat's discoverability differ, and how do you make your content more visible to a wider audience?

Discoverability on Snapchat differs and I feel it is largely across two popular destinations – Stories and Spotlight. For me, Spotlight is a hub for fun entertainment videos and the best place to discover creators and communities.

Engagement with the audience is vital. How do you engage with your followers on Snapchat, and what strategies do you employ to keep them interested and interacting with your content?

Engaging with my followers on Snapchat is essential for building a loyal community. To keep my audience interested in my content, I create content that is relevant, entertaining, and valuable to my followers. I respond to replies and Snaps from my followers on my stories and Spotlight videos because I genuinely value their support. Most of the time we chat about their feedback on my movies, songs, and everyday things.


Snapchat offers its own unique set of features. How do you leverage them to enhance your content and engage with your audience? Can you share some examples of the same?

AR lenses are my personal favourite. I love to explore the new and quirky lenses that Snapchat keeps dropping. The lenses that I have used the most are ‘MacBook Hearts’ and usually I love to try new lenses that are recommended by my Nitanshians. Another favourite feature of mine on the platform is Snap Maps. With Snap Maps, I get to choose who can see my location on the map. I can choose to keep my location visible to my friends, or selected friends or only me which is the ghost mode. Another interesting offering of Snap Map that I actively make use of is to keep a tab on interesting events that keep happening around me. This feature allows my community to know where I am and also encourages local engagement.

Analytics and insights are crucial for measuring performance. How do you track the success of your content on Snapchat compared to Instagram, and what metrics do you focus on?

The platform has never created any pressure on me as it does not have any social comparison metrics such as ‘likes’ which are present on social media platforms. On the contrary, it offers content creators advanced analytics and demographic data so that I and people like me have a comprehensive understanding of our audience and the performance of our content. We also have access to insights that include Views, Viewers (subscribers and non-subscribers), replies, Average Time Spent Viewing, Age Group Demographics, and Gender Split data. 

Can you share some tips for new content creators looking to establish themselves on Snapchat and Instagram? What are the essential things to keep in mind while navigating these platforms?

For all the aspiring content creators looking to establish themselves on digital platforms, my suggestion would be to stay consistent with your content. One needs to find their sense of style or topic and an audience that it resonates with. Lastly, a secret sauce that has worked for me is to keep your audience engaged. Either respond to comments or messages, but keep building your community by keeping them engaged and entertained.

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