A beginner's manual to video editing by Nivya Rodrigues

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Interested in learning video editing but unsure where to start or which tools to use? This handy guide by content creator Nivya Rodrigues is just what you need to kickstart your learning. 

There was a time when knowing video editing was a niche skill, reserved for professionals and editing enthusiasts. But now, with social media becoming an integral part of our daily lives, it has become an essential skill for anyone wanting to share their story or experience online. The accessibility of editing tools today, compared to a decade ago, has played a significant role in this shift. It's one of the reasons there are countless profiles out there, with each creator presenting their content uniquely. If you’ve ever stumbled upon the Instagram video edits of Nivya Rodrigues, you will be amazed by how she makes her content stand out in the crowd.

Her videos aren’t just good—they’re interesting to watch and polished, leaving you wondering how she does it. We had the pleasure of chatting with Nivya, where we discussed her creative process and the tools she uses to keep her content fresh and cool. From nifty tricks to her favorite apps, she shared the secrets that make her videos a cut above the rest. It was an interesting conversation highlighting the importance of continuous learning and creativity for a content creator. 

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Can you walk us through your typical video editing workflow from start to finish?

I start by visualizing the edit I want to make, carefully considering the desired outcome. Once I have a clear picture in mind, I move on to execution. In MCake, I use various applications on my phone to bring my vision to life. This process can sometimes take longer than expected due to the complexity of the task, but there are times when I surprise myself with how efficiently and effectively I achieve the desired result.

What software and tools do you use to edit your videos, and why did you choose them?

I use applications on my phone, such as VN Editor, InShot, and Canva. These apps are incredibly user-friendly and feature a variety of cool tools that can elevate your reel game to a 10. They offer intuitive interfaces and powerful editing capabilities that make the creative process enjoyable and efficient. To be honest, one of the main reasons I stick to these apps is their simplicity and ease of use. While they might seem a bit challenging the very first time you use them, they become much easier with time and practice. The more you experiment and familiarize yourself with their features, the more you can unlock their full potential. Over time, these apps become indispensable tools for creating professional-looking content quickly and effectively.

How do you decide on the visual effects, transitions, and music for each video?

I wish there was a blueprint I could share for this process. On days when I have a lot of time and energy to invest in content, I brainstorm ideas before executing them. On other days, I stick to simpler reels. Since I aim to post daily, my content is usually a mix of both detailed and straightforward reels. As for the music, I choose trending tracks that suit the edit while I’m working on the reel. It’s that simple!

Do you have any tips or tricks for aspiring content creators looking to enhance their editing skills?

If you’re an aspiring creator looking to improve your editing skills, I recommend starting by learning the basics from YouTube videos and following creators in your niche. Keep creating, keep posting, and keep learning, in no particular order. The goal isn’t to become the best; it’s to become better than you were yesterday.

Are there any techniques or editing hacks that you've developed over time?

Until last November, I didn’t know how to edit at all. However, after one of my videos performed very well, I decided to start learning, tackling one edit at a time. Through consistent practice and dedication, I gradually improved my skills. Everything you see on my profile is the result of this continuous development over time. Each edit represents a step in my learning journey, showing how much progress can be made with persistence and effort.

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