Patriotism in the Modern Era, Content Creators share their perspective!

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Patriotism is always talked about, but what does it really mean to people in today's day and age? We ask content creators.

People are always reminded of being patriotic in obvious situations, like when that one movie about the Indian forces drops or when India makes a historic win. But it is one emotion that we, as Indians, carry with us all our lives. One can never take away the pride we feel for our country that only increases at the sight of our national flag swaying in its full glory as the national anthem plays in the background. Although it still makes you feel the same, with changing times, it might make one wonder if the essence of patriotism is the same for everyone. One cannot deny the influence that online spaces and creators hold; although it is only a minority, one can find a reflection of today’s society in them. As thought leaders of this vast growing industry, we reached out to a few artists and creators to understand what patriotism means to them in today's day and age than creators and artists of today’s times.

In a captivating exploration of perspectives, these influencers stand ready to share their insights on what patriotism means to them. Each influencer brings a unique lens to the discussion, offering personal and thought-provoking reflections that delve into the core of their connection with their respective nations. Through their words, they invite audiences to contemplate the diverse dimensions of patriotism, making this discourse a rich tapestry of individual experiences and shared values.

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Here's what they had to share -

Sagar Kari:

Patriotism is the driving force behind India's immense pride today. We aspire not just for personal success but also as a united community and nation. With our diverse communities and cultures coexisting, we strive to learn from each other. I take immense pride in contributing to the Indian music industry, which has a rich history of legendary figures showcasing India on various platforms. Being a small part of this legacy is truly special, and I am dedicated to promoting our emerging Indian artists on bigger stages. For me, patriotism is encapsulated in a simple form – faith. It's the faith that has brought us to where we are, and it will continue to be our faith and dedication to ourselves, our country, and our work that propels us to greater heights. Taking pride in being Indian is the key to our future success.

Ansh Dhote:

For me, patriotism is like an unspoken agreement in our life's journey—we all contribute to our country's story. It's more than just following a plan; it's about sharing a strong sense of pride and love for our nation. This connection brings us together, celebrating the unique parts that make our country special. In everyday life, patriotism gives meaning to our shared experiences, showing how everyone plays a role in our country's progress. Especially during the tough times of COVID-19, I've seen amazing examples of our nation's strength. Communities supporting each other, frontline workers showing incredible dedication—it's been a real showcase of our country's spirit. For me, patriotism is witnessing these moments and feeling proud to be part of a nation that can face challenges with strength and kindness. It's a personal link to the combined efforts that shape our story, making me believe in our shared narrative's enduring power. It’s giving back to our country.

Agu Stanley:

As a content creator, patriotism for me is like painting a digital picture of my country's diverse identity. It's not just about showcasing the flag; it's about telling unique stories that go beyond the surface, much like the steadfast support we offer our country in both good and tough times. Patriotism means defending our nation's interests through the stories I share. It's about keeping faith in our country's potential and paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Each piece I create is a way of honoring their memory and ensuring their stories inspire in today's digital age. Patriotism, in my content creation journey, is a personal dedication, combining storytelling with a deep sense of pride for the colorful aspects that make my country special.

Chavi Khattar:

In my perspective, patriotism is about weaving narratives that spotlight the often-overlooked facets of my country. It's a commitment to bringing forth stories that showcase hidden beauty, untold tales, and profound strength within our diverse cultures. As I navigate the digital landscape, patriotism entails the responsibility of uplifting voices that might otherwise remain unheard. It's using creativity as a force for unity, creating a shared sense of pride and understanding. In its simplest form, patriotism is an ongoing story

Pema Leilani:

Patriotism, to me, is like being part of a lively mosaic where everyone, no matter their religion, contributes to our diverse nation. It's not about fitting into one mold but appreciating the different colors that make up our shared picture. Patriotism is understanding that each culture, tradition, and viewpoint adds richness to our identity. I'm proud to call this country home because it's a place where everyone is accepted, irrespective of their faith. It's the celebration of our unique stories, blending seamlessly to reflect the true essence of our nation—a smart, welcoming space where diversity is cherished and a sense of belonging is universal.

What does Patriotism mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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