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Queer Fashion

Fashion influencer Neeta Basnet talks about queer fashion and embracing aesthetics that helps one find their true selves.

The lasting legacy of queer women in history is undeniable. They have created some of the most famous works of literature and art, and today's fashionistas are also indebted to the cultural significance that queer women have created. Sure, fashion can be subjective but there is something surreal about adding a queer touch to an outfit that has been trending for months now. Queer fashion in general has evolved so much these past years. And as contemporary queer women embrace various aesthetics and trends of the past, the line between historical and modern queer women is finally drawn properly. Here’s some insight into how we can free ourselves from clothing that makes us feel anything other than our truest selves.

Queer fashion is a vast range of aesthetics. Everyone has their personal touch to their aesthetics. For me, it’s mainly about being comfortable and switching to any style I want to, whenever I want to. It’s really different for everyone to find and blend in their aesthetics, though. Some people know it from the start and some people find it out later. I, for one, am a late bloomer; I wasn’t allowed to wear what I liked for many reasons, one of them being my skin disease. But one day, I decided to be a rebel and wear whatever I felt like. It was after I turned 25. I had phases where I experimented so many things on myself to check what looks best on me. That’s how I know what's best for me.

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Here's some idea of what queer fashion looks like:

Androgynous Fashion

Androgynous fashion is neither feminine nor masculine but gender inclusive and neutral. 

It’s all because certain people in society started generalizing clothing by gender and later on everyone followed it and still do. However in today’s time, brands are working towards cultivating pieces which can be effortlessly styled by everyone. Which is why androgynous fashion characterizes mixed-gender clothing and accessories. 

Types of Queer Fashion

Queer fashion is mainly the expression of a person’s identity that doesn’t go by typical cultural and societal norms of gender. Queer people express themselves as a form of art, fashion and many things. It’s not always the clothing and accessories or makeup that they wear. 

Gender Fluid Fashion

Gender fluid fashion is undefined. Given the lack of a single, agreed-upon framework, it can mean several things depending on who you ask. A really gender-fluid outfit, according to fashion industry experts, isn't even an outfit. In terms of fashion, it's more of a state of mind.

Mainstream Queer Fashion

Queer identity has made a significant impact on mainstream fashion. 

It is obvious that the queer fashion industry functions as a segment of the greater fashion industry. Although queer style and general fashion trends are overlapping, the LGBTQIA+ community has always customized these trends to suit their own requirements.

Inspo from queer celebs

I will rather let you know some of the icons that I personally love and they’re quite underrated.

Billy Porter, David Bowie, Marlene Dietrich, Amandla Stenberg, Jonathan Van Ness, Hayley Kiyoko, Kristen Stewart, Christian Siriano and Laverne Cox.

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