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Internet’s favourite, uncle Rajamanickam knows how to spread smiles as he guides people about acceptance and love through his outfit ideas.

Imagine having a dad who dresses better than you do and constantly gets praised for it. Fashion influencer, The G.O.A.T doesn’t need to especially after he shared a small glimpse of his dad, Rajamanickam getting ready for work. This made the internet go bonkers over his style and personality! Considering how the verdict was already passed on the internet's love for his dad, it encouraged him to start his page and give everyone an 'uncle they could simp on'.

His style is not what you’d expect from a glossy fashion magazine, but something that you would expect an average Indian uncle to wear. He is that well-dressed uncle who your dad would be threatened to have around your mom. You know he would just work his charm with his first impression! Despite how extraordinarily pleasing his style is, it's impossible to mention it without highlighting the self-love energy that we get to experience.

As a South Indian, the only Rajamanickam I could think of before coming across this one was a character played by Mammootty. He's fierce, bold, beats up goons and is a total badass. And my view has changed after stumbling across Uncle Rajamanickam's profile. If there's one trait that the two have in common though, it’s the utter badass behavior that is too cool for anyone to ignore. Some influencers preach self-love but no one does it better than Rajamanickam.

With a load of positivity to share, Uncle Rajamanickam’s page feels like the warmest hug we all crave from an adult. He is that one uncle we will never shy away from getting advice from no matter how embarrassing or personal the problem is. His content focuses on finding that one self-deprecating or self-doubt-filled comment and turning it into a wholesome video that will leave a cheek-hurting smile on our faces. From breaking the stereotype of pink not being a man’s colour to boosting the ones who think black is not for people with darker skin, Rajamanickam is giving self-love a new meaning. 

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The verdict has been passed and here’s why you need to check him out for your daily dose of self-love:

We're so grateful for the kind of content he has to share! More power to uncle Rajamanickam! 

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