Madhumita turns her favourite song into a fit and we can't stop watching!

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Fashion blogger Madhumita's outfits have their own unique story and we love the way she is sharing them.

There will always be things in our lives that we hold close to our hearts. Things that bring meaning to our lives and are the silver lining that we keep looking for. It can be anything; friends, mom's food, chai, movies, music, that one outfit we always feel confident in, that pen that writes well, the book you can't wait to read, that picture you can't get enough of, you get the gist! Madhumita Reba Ramkumar could be counted among the few influencers on the internet who are celebrating these little things in life. Most of what you see when it comes to Madhumita's outfits will have you smiling.

This doctor likes styling and giving her creative ideas a vision. While she has worked with brands, her Instagram is about sharing her own personal style and opinions with her online community. Her style is what comfort, aesthetic, and cozy feel like. Madhumita has her own way of sharing them with her followers that's engaging and something everyone can connect with. There are always times when we tend to dress according to how we feel. The same goes for the music we listen to as well. Madhumita decided to combine them and share some inspo in her 'inspired by' series. From pretending to be a part of a sad song (we have all done that) and how an outfit for the same will look like to expressing what her friends mean, she has been giving GRWM a new twist and we are STANs.

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Here are some of her series!

Her friends as ethnic outfits 

Outfits inspired by sad songs

Heroines of Mani Ratnam as outfits

Which of her series did you like and would love to see more of? Let us know in the comments below.

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