Saurav Nagar is reinstating the magic of creating outfits from scratch

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Saurav Nagar

Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer, Saurav Nagar has been creating outfits from scratch and that's precisely what we need in 2023!

Fashion as an everyday phenomenon has changed over the years. We're trying our best to avoid fast-fashion brands and make use other sustainable options. And re-purposing and thrifting clothes have become the new deal. No matter how modern this idea may sound, it was done and forgotten. Creating an outfits from scratch or 're-purposing' and old outfit is what every middle class family is well versed with. Thankfully creators who are looked up to by many for their fashion tips are diving back into these old practices and encouraging us to be mindful of our choices. Saurav Nagar, a fashion and lifestyle influencer has managed to make this look cool again and how.

Every 90s kid has a special kind of memory when it came to festivals, birthdays or even going back to school and being dragged to the tailor with mom, standing still while they take our measurements and finally getting them stitched and ready was like a yearly activity that we may not have enjoyed at that moment but miss it dearly now. Saurav, whose style is both comfortable and vogue at the same time, has been taking time to create an outfit from scratch and his followers are loving the process. Men in any form of Indian wear have their own charm and Bollywood actors are proof! We love and admire movie characters and their outfits that make them look desirable. So Saurav decided to pick two such iconic characters in their best desi attires and make one for himself. Watching him pick the right cloth, get his measurements and make something that looks quite similar to the characters look has to be the most therapeutic thing on the internet right now!

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Here's some of his outfits we loved!

We cannot wait to watch more of these videos. Which one is your favourite look? Let us know in the comments below.

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