We love a little outfit run down and Gayathri’s GRWM series is charmingly entertaining! Toh chalein kya?

What is more exciting than browsing through every shopping website? Watching our creators giving us a rundown of their OOTD. Fashion influencers have become our go-to guide book giving us inspiration on how one can jazz up their everyday basic outfit. They can always find ways to captivate their audience and introducing new series to show off their looks is one way. Indian fashion influencer Gayathri is a creator you have to include in your list of people you follow for outfit inspo. Most importantly, Gayathri’s GRWM series is something we can never get bored of.

A Gen Z creator who has grown to become a notable part of the creator community with the kind of content she creates, Gayathri hails from Gurgaon. The creator is not someone who shares over-the-top, vogue, extreme fashion looks. She’s someone who people like you and me can follow to help add that much-needed oomph to our ensemble. As she describes it herself, Gayathri shares ‘semi-cool fashion videos.’ But among everything she shares, it’s her GRWM series that stands out. It’s the way she gives us a detailed list of what she wears to college, the office, or a festive party. Making us a part of her outfit choices, we get to enjoy her storytime. From the time her professor confessed to having watched her videos to her realizing she’s an adult on her first day of office, we can never get bored of what she has to share.

If you haven’t had the chance to bump into any of her videos, then you should check out this list of her GRWM series and relish all the amazing stories she has to share with us.

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Check them out!

If you’re looking for ways to jazz up your everyday outfits, then do check out Gayathri’s series on Instagram.

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