Sejal Kumar had us all hooked with her 1-minute drama series

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Sejal Kumar had us all hooked with her 1-minute drama series

Sejal Kumar brought us stories in the most compact way possible through her 1-minute drama series. Let's take a look back at some of the interesting ones.

We all love what Sejal Kumar does with fashion and music, but we admire when she talks about her true self in her content. Be it her music video or podcast, Sejal isn't shy to present her thoughts most effectively. Among every piece of content she has shared, her 1-minute drama series is among my favourites. Through these one-minute-long Reels, she fearlessly delves into her deepest thoughts to share the most heartfelt experiences and captivating tales with her online fam. With each episode, Sejal artfully weaves a narrative that resonates with her audience, inviting them in and sharing unheard and unseen glimpses of her life.

Her authenticity shines through as she opens up about her triumphs, struggles, and everything with her viewers leaving them feeling inspired and understood. It's not just the content of the video but also how it's planned and presented. People won't have stuck unless they found this series intriguing, which clearly states how well Sejal has understood the assignment with 1-minute drama series. From well-planned themes to a thought-provoking script, she has everything on point. There are some things that we feel but cannot put it in words like the feeling of missing out, questioning if you are actually being your authentic self, a random punch of existential crisis or self-demeaning thoughts, the list goes on. The fact that other people cannot see your vulnerability does not always eases out your suffering. Like in her recent Barbie-inspired 1-min drama, she addresses how we all feel about fitting into certain standards of beauty and how it affects us. In her series, Sejal presents vulnerabilities that we often feel in her short skits through her poems and personal essays and with all that, she helps us feel understood.

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Let's take a look at our favourite videos from the series!

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