From vibing on “Why this Kolaveri Di” to being creative with mini vlogs, here are some cool trends of the week

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As the week unfolded, Instagram users enjoyed watching and creating content inspired from these trends. Scroll down to know more. 

This week on Instagram, our feeds were set ablaze with captivating trends. Nicki Minaj has dropped another banger song this month and the internet is loving it. Since the release of the "FTCU", people have been using the song to make some badass edits. Meanwhile, a wave of nostalgia swept through as "Why this Kolaveri Di" transition videos emerged, bringing back the vibe of the iconic song.

You must have come across "Zainab Ke Papa" videos while scrolling through your feed. Muhammed Arshad makes and posts content about his daily life and experiences with his family members and the internet is going crazy over it. While we love those wholesome videos, it remains a mystery how certain content gains more traction than others, but social media continues to surprise us. People have been making edits, funny memes and even songs inspired by the content of Arshad's family. There are a number of ways in which you can capture the fun of your travel memories and recently people have been using a really interesting format to do so. Putting different short video clips and joining them together like a vertical slide show just looks so mesmerizing. As the week unfolded, Instagram users embraced these interesting trends, using the platform to showcase creativity and cultural resonance.

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Take a look: 



Zainab Ke Papa Meme 

Travel Diaries 

Why this Kolveri Di 

We hope that these trends made you wanna make some content!

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