From borrowing belts for “Don't go Insane” to laughing on ShikShakShok, catch up on these Reel trends

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People danced with belts and sang about a robbery tale on trends that were all about music, dance, and memes on social media. 

This week on social media has been all about the infectious beats of DPR IAN's "Don't Go Insane." The song has sparked creativity in people with its catchy rhythm, leading to a flood of creative recreations of its choreography. From dancing with belts to rocking the same moves in a traditional saree, people are putting their unique spins on this trend. And of course, where there's a trend, there are memes! Users have been quick to add humor to this trend and those Reels are just hilarious. 

But the music madness doesn't stop there. Justh's "Chor" has also been making waves, rising to the top of the charts as the most viral song on Spotify globally. Its addictive melody and relatable lyrics have struck a chord with listeners everywhere. Meanwhile, Khullar G's "HMM" is also going viral for its lyrics. One particularly memorable line: "Baby see mai hu South Delhi ki" has people making content. This snippet of the song has sparked a plethora of memes and trends, making it to the list of the most interesting trends this Valentine's week. Talking about memes, let's not forget about the "Shik Shak Shok" trend, which has provided ample fodder for some seriously side-splitting memes that are just too fun to watch.

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