Marching through the nostalgia of Republic Day Parades!

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Republic Day parade

Gautam Sharma gets nostalgic about Republic Day parades and the memories that made it worth the wait each year! Check out what the creator had to share.

If there’s something that still excites an adult about Republic Day, apart from the whole idea of us celebrating, it is the memories that are attached to it. As kids, we all had a set routine that we followed. We woke up early and reached school to stand in long queues as we watched esteemed personnel hoist the flag, followed by an amazing performance by our schoolmates. But it was not just that, but coming back home and sitting with your parents to tune in on Doordarshan to watch the greatest parades that celebrated India in all its glory.

I clearly remember my excitement being high during the parades. I think even before the parade, I could sense the love for our country in every street as people played patriotic songs and hoisted the Indian flag while also taking one for their home. And because we were taught about the parade at school, the exhilaration of watching it on TV or even the opportunity to watch the 26th Jan parade live was always high.

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Being on the ground and witnessing the grandeur in person was always an overwhelming experience. The entire atmosphere turned into a vibrant and colorful extravagance that I can’t put into words. Watching different Army squads marching in unison, saluting the President and the Prime Minister, Indian jets flying around, the music, cultures displayed, and more makes waiting for it all year worth it. As a kid, seeing all the discipline around you gave me goosebumps, also making me want to join the army or do something amazing for our country. I miss the whole experience of Republic Day because you don't get to see that every day.

Happy Republic Day!

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