Omkar Bolke and Ansh Dhote share the significance of Gudi on Gudi Padwa

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 significance of Gudi

Creators Omkar Bolke and Ansh Dhote let us know the significance of Gudi as people celebrate a new year on Gudi Padwa

Our country is such that there is always something fascinating to share. The fascination to know more about festivals specific to their region excites people. This only encourages one to share stories behind these celebrations helping one embody the nation’s true spirit. Like every other month, India is gearing up to bring in a new year with Maharashtra celebrating Gudi Padwa. While people might be joining the festivity, one may not be well-versed on the importance of Gudi. For anyone wondering what it means creators Omkar Bolke and Ansh Dhote help out.

Omkar Bolke said, "Being deeply connected to our Maharashtrian culture is something close to my heart. Every Gudi Padwa, I feel a sense of pride in celebrating our traditions and heritage. It's a reminder of where we come from and what makes us who we are. From the vibrant colors of the Gudi to the delicious flavors of traditional Maharashtrian dishes, every aspect of Gudi Padwa fills me with joy and nostalgia. It's not just a festival, it's a celebration of our identity and a chance to pass on our rich cultural legacy to the next generation. Embracing our culture during Gudi Padwa isn't just about following customs, it's about honoring our roots and preserving our heritage for years to come."

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Meanwhile, Ansh Dhote says,Gudi Padwa is our Maharashtrian New Year! It is a beautiful festival filled with love and joy. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, festivals like Gudi Padwa give a chance for families to come together and celebrate. We decorate our homes with colourful flags, gather around the table to share delicious meals, and most importantly, enjoy together. Gudi Padwa means the start of a new year, brimming with blessings and the promise of wonderful beginnings!”

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