5 helpful tips on how to get started as a creator on Snapchat

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Here are five tips that explain how to build and grow your presence on Snapchat to make your journey as a Snapchat creator a successful one.

The craze for digital creativity reigns supreme and amidst all of it, Snapchat has emerged as a dynamic platform for aspiring creators with its features and opportunities. With its ephemeral content, interactive features, and an ever-evolving suite of tools, Snapchat is providing every opportunity for creators to shine with their content. But sometimes, creators are unaware of what they can do with these features to increase their audience base. Here we have tried to unravel this mystery for you by pointing out the essential steps that you need to take to do it better. 

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Build a consistent community

Building an active, loyal following on Snapchat takes time, commitment and creativity. Post content regularly to engage your followers and keep them interested. Interact with your followers by replying to comments and chats. Authenticity is key: be honest and be yourself in your content.

Focus on effective content formats

Many successful creators focus on stories and spotlights. Use Stories to give real insights into your daily life and build a personal connection with your followers. Spotlight, on the other hand, is ideal for entertaining short videos with a compelling story hook. With Spotlight, you can reach a public audience - a great opportunity to gain additional followers and grow your community.

Optimize your content with the Snap tools

Whether it's AR Lenses, sounds and songs from the music library, Director Mode or Dual Camera - Snapchat offers many creative tools to give your content a new dimension. You also have the option to tag locations in your snaps, which makes your content appear on the Snap Map and can be discovered by the approximately 200 million monthly active users in the country.

Make your content stand out from the rest

When choosing your content, it is important to consider your target audience. However, certain types of content do very well on Snapchat. Categories such as fun facts & trivia, fashion, beauty, entertainment, sports and photography are also good ways to stand out from other creators.

Take advantage of Spotlight

Spotlight highlights the best and most entertaining Snaps, no matter who created them. Spotlight is therefore a great way for all creators, be they aspiring creators, media partners or Snap stars, to grow their community.  You can also earn money on Snapchat: Aspiring creators have the opportunity to be rewarded every month for creating content for Spotlight, thanks to the recently introduced incentive programme.

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