Deciphering the creator economy: Insights from Social Ketchup's Round Table 2023

Smrithi Mohan
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Social Ketchup’s roundtable 2023

Agency professionals sit down to share their insights on what makes the creator economy something to look forward to in Social Ketchup’s Round Table 2023!

In 2023, creators enjoyed their chance to be recognized and included in projects that added value to their digital presence. While they took all the praise, it was also the effort of professionals who worked hard to put them on the map! While creators know their art, these professionals know the business making sure to turn their art into marketable products. Ending the year on a high note, we hosted various creator economy professionals for Social Ketchup's Round Table 2023. The panel featured Devarshi Shah (OML Entertainment), Mihir Surana (NoFiltr), Rohit Raj (BB ki Vines) Gautam Madhavan (Mad Influence), Shubham Singhal (Dot Media), Ayush Shukla (Finnet Media), Ayush Guha (Hypp) and Vinay Pillai (Clout). 

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Discussing the whirlwind journey and the highs and insights of 2023, the conversation had them decoding the role of talent managers to exploring the pains of agency life, uncovering the secrets behind successful creator onboarding, media collaborations, and sustaining long-term relevance. While talking about discovering the art of building stellar talent management teams, empowering creators on entrepreneurial journeys, and navigating the evolving creator economy, these agency professionals also spilled beans on creator earnings while discussing the impact of merch brands and diving into the overlooked aspects of this booming industry

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