Creators discussed the ever-evolving landscape of content creation in Social Ketchup Creators' Roundtable 2023

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Catch Mayur Jumani, Shibani Bedi, Chandni Bhabhda, Sakshi Keswani, Sonal Devraj, and Neel Salekar as they talk about content crafting, trends, internet culture and the future that lies ahead for the creator economy at Social Ketchup Creators' Roundtable.

Social Ketchup recently hosted a captivating roundtable discussion featuring prominent content creators Mayur Jumani, Shibani Bedi, Chandni Bhabhda, Sakshi Keswani, Sonal Devraj, and Neel Salekar. In an exclusive conversation with our Editor, Mrinil Mathur Rajwani, these creators delved into the depths of their 2023 journeys, talking about their personal and professional milestones along the way. As social media has been dominating our lives, the round table also discussed what role these platforms play in a creator's life. They engaged in a thought-provoking conversation on staying consistent, avoiding burnout, and the importance of prioritizing mental health in the hustle of content creation. 

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They also shared valuable lessons learned and insights gained from navigating the ever-evolving landscape of content creation. From the highs of success to the challenges faced, each participant opened up about their experiences, providing a unique perspective on content creation. And as the roundtable reached its zenith, the participants discussed what lies ahead for content creators and creator economy. As the calendar inches closer to 2024, these creators shared their visions, aspirations, and predictions for the next chapter in the ever-expanding universe of online content. 

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