From Orry's Ad featured to Shushant Divgikr's exciting reveal, this social media roundup covers news that caught our attention

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Check out this week's social media highlights for a dose of excitement! From collaborations to announcements, this social media roundup covers all the fun updates that lit up our feeds.

Who could forget those iconic "Yeh hai aam zindagi. Yeh hai Mentos Zindagi" ads, packed with entertainment? Well, brace yourself because Mentos just dropped a fresh new campaign, starring Orry, highlighting the instant freshness and enthusiasm Mentos brings to the table. Diksha Singhi, founder of the brand "A Little Extra" presented her business idea on the show Shark Tank India. Diksha's brand is a hub for everyone who loves quirky, colorful, and handmade jewellery and now, the show has brought her special concepts to the spotlight. The episode is going to air soon and we can't wait to see it. Shushant Divgikr recently announced an exciting collaboration, stepping into the role of a digital ambassador for a prominent Indian chip brand. But what has their fans gushing is their partner in a cute post having them commenting compliments for both.

Kommune India unveiled SpokenFest'24 on February 3rd and 4th at Jio World Garden, Mumbai. It was a blast, celebrating words with stories, music, poetry, shayari, comedy, and cool art installations. It was a vibe for all kinds of art enthusiasts. We spotted well-known digital celebrities like Ahsaas Channa and Zakir Khan at the event which made it even more exciting. Malavika Sitlani opened up about something we all do – being too tough on ourselves and expecting too much. In a heartfelt social media post, she shared that what we see online doesn't always show the real picture. Drawing from her own experience with pregnancy, she gently urged everyone to be kinder to themselves.

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We hope that this week becomes as much exciting for you too!

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