9 routines by Sonal Devraj that are straight out of a Bollywood movie

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Sonal Devraj

On her birthday today, we have made a list of a few performances by Sonal Devraj that look straight out of a Bollywood movie.

For a country that finds reasons to dance their way into a celebration, very few of us are actually good dancers. Sure, we can all just let loose and get down on the ground (literally) enjoying every kind of music but we also find it charming if someone can do the hook steps to a song without missing a beat. We can only imagine Sonal Devraj aka Bhaiyajismile being that person in a crowd at a wedding that people don’t need to push to the dance floor. A true entertainer, Sonal has become a living embodiment of what dancing and Bollywood mean to every Indian.

Co-founder of Team Naach, Sonal is a trained dancer who has specialized in Bhartnatayam, Jive and Bollywood and her Instagram has become a masterclass for the audience who love watching her graceful and enticing performances. This dancer has her own magic to versions that have people completely blown away. While dance influencers have been sharing regular routines, Sonal is literally bringing a slice of Bollywood into her page by recreating some of the most iconic routines with her fellow creators. Every video makes her look like the main character and she leaves the audience wanting to try a hand at her choreography. Some of her performances are what you'll catch yourself watching on loop and this list has some of them for you!

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Check them out!

Happy birthday Sonal! Hope we get to see more of these videos!

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