Through his Reels, Saurabh Ghadge makes us feel like we're following multiple different creators

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Saurabh Ghadge

Jack of all and master of all, Saurabh Ghadge seems to have turned the quote around with his content and boy, are we fans!

The amount of time we spend on Reels should account to have some effect on our vocabulary, the way we act and how we live each day. Nothing is just a regular activity, it is a 'vlog' or a content piece. Pretending to do a Vogue skincare routine while we may just be applying moisturizer, or randomly doing an ongoing trend step doesn't seem weird. We have grown to accept it and so have creators like Saurabh Ghadge. Yes, the infamous member of the Ourange Juice gang is a comedy creator, but if you look closely at his Instagram page, you'll realise how he is more than that.

Saurabh rose to fame during the lockdown when the creator community saw a boom. He has become a name that pops up at the top of the creators' list in India. We have seen him grow from creating content from his home to collaborating with celebs and sportspeople around the world. The thing that makes his content resonate with millions is the simplicity and pure rawness with which he presents it to us. Saurabh is able to make every middle-class child relive moments from their childhood and also have them realise things about their everyday lives that they would have otherwise not noticed. But he is not just doing that, he has also given us different kinds of content via everything he creates, something we follow different creators for, and it's time we appreciate him for that. A trend is not fun until we see Saurabh make a Reel of his own version of it. A place is not exciting until he makes a mini vlog of how he misses India. He has also managed to decode how one can make music and left us wondering how he managed to do it all. If you are still wondering if it's true, then you should check out our list on Saurabh being an all-rounder creator.

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If you are still wondering if it's true, then you should check out our list on Saurabh being an all-rounder kinda creator

Food blogger

Travel blogger

Creators who find poetry in everything

Creator doing a 'come pack with me' video


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Happy birthday to this absolute star!

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