#KetchupTalks: Sushant Divgikr reflects on the significance of Pride month events

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In a brief chat with us, Sushant Divgikr discusses the significance of live events that promotes representation and visibility for the queer community.

Amid the energy and enthusiasm during Pride month, Tinder's Queer Made Weekend unfolded on June 15th and 16th at DLF Promenade in Delhi. This event was a colorful and joyous celebration dedicated to the LGBTIQA+ community, blending lively music, delicious food, and impressive performances into a truly memorable experience. Since its inception in 2022, this annual festival is renowned for its lively atmosphere and focus on promoting queer talents and businesses. The first day of the festival was particularly remarkable, featuring a variety of unique queer-owned businesses and an electrifying performance by the talented singer-actor Sushant Divgikar. Between all the excitement, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Sushant Divgikr to discuss the importance of such events. Our conversation explored how gatherings like Queer Made Weekend play a crucial role in promoting community representation and visibility. 

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How was performing for Tinder Queer-Made? What does it mean to you to perform at this event? 

I'm thrilled to be part of Tinder Queer Made Weekend, curated by the Gaysi Family. This event is something I eagerly look forward to every year. This is my second time performing in Delhi for this incredible platform, and I couldn't be more excited.

I truly believe that events like this are essential, as they provide a space for voices to be heard and celebrated. It's a mutual relationship – I deserve this stage just as much as this stage deserves me. I hope this tradition continues for many years to come, promoting inclusivity in the community where everyone can shine.

How do events like these impact the queer community and the society? How do they contribute to the visibility and celebration of queer artists? 

I absolutely love this event curated by the Gaysi Family, because there is no entry fee, making it accessible to literally everyone. This inclusivity is vital, especially since so many exclusive, members-only clubs have emerged, creating barriers for many. Performing drag shows or queer shows in such elitist spaces doesn't make a real difference, in my opinion, and I've experienced this firsthand. After performing at numerous exclusive clubs, I've come to realize that it's often just a waste of time, reinforcing elitism. 

In contrast, events like Queer Made Weekend provide a genuine space for the real community to come together. This is why we need more spaces like this. I want to extend a big hand and a big round of applause to Gaysi Family, Tinder, and everyone associated with this event. These kinds of events are crucial for celebrating and enhancing the visibility of queer artists. You see people from all walks of life and diverse genres of performance art on stage – whether you're a dancer, singer, comedian, or any other kind of performer, everyone is celebrated equally.

The audience at Queer Made Weekend embraces this diversity and doesn't judge, which is a core value we stand for. I believe that this stage provides the best environment for performers. 

How has been your experience so far with the event? 

I've absolutely loved being part of this event. The Gaysi Family is wonderful to work with, and I've been associated with them for more than a decade and a half. Over these years, they have truly become my family, and I am proud to call myself part of theirs. We have flourished and blossomed together, and that is the most rewarding part of this journey. It's crucial that we continue to stand together and support one another, which is exactly what this event embodies. This is not just a platform; it's a celebration of our collective growth and unity. Iam incredibly grateful for these opportunities and look forward to many more years of collaboration and community building. 

What does Pride mean to you? 

Pride means a sense of self-expression, and I believe that no one should be denied the opportunity to express themselves. Everyone deserves the freedom to be who they are. Pride is for everyone, and it should be celebrated every day of our lives.

At Social Ketchup, we believe in celebrating Pride Beyond June. What are your thoughts on the same?

We must recognize that some of us are more privileged than others. With that privilege comes the responsibility to lift others up, to hold their hand, and to bring them to the same heights we have reached. Together, we can move forward, united in our journey. This is the true essence of pride.

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