5 teachers on social media who had us reminiscing our school days

Smrithi Mohan
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teachers on social media

Check out these teachers on social media who are giving us the whole experience of being in the classroom.

After our parents, it’s always our teachers who have been able to impact us in the most influential way. We know it was never Chapter 12 of Chemistry or another homework assignment that excited us. If there was anything that gave us the strength to be part of all these lectures, it was getting to spend time with our friends and sitting through that one teacher’s class who taught us more about life than Trigonometry. Whether it was about teaching us our alphabets or the basics of the kind of human we want to grow up to become, whatever we are today, is a culmination of everything we learned from our teachers who graded us for our work but also taught us how to be better at things we lacked. Just like we were lucky to be trained by devoted teachers, there are teachers on social media who are helping us reminisce our own good ‘ol days. These teachers are using the digital space not only to share their everyday lives but also to create awareness about the efforts, preps, and thoughts that go into being a teacher before entering the classroom. 

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Revisit your school days with these teachers on social media: 

English wale sir

Lori Pandey

Prachi Chaudhary

Dr Shruti Soni 

Gourav Admane

Here's wishing everyone a happy teachers' day!

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